We will be running our regular program this Sunday at 3pm Central. Our panel will be back up to full strength. Joining Jan and I will be ace reporter and the News and Programming director for The Sky 97.3, TJ Hart, state investigator Peter Hyatt, crime writer Denny Griffin, and journalist Dave Knechel. I suspect that we may also have some other notable guests dialing in.

This week we are going to expand our coverage to include a new case. A couple of days ago Jan received an email about another missing person, Eric Preimesberger. This story is so strange that we could not help but get involved. You can find Jan’s article here. We are hoping to have Eric’s mother Kay Wilson, and also Valhall the owner of TheHinkyMeter.com join us to bring us up to date on this case. We are really hoping that by giving this case some air time we can help Law Enforcement bring it to a swift resolution. Unlike many cases LE seems to welcome the press’s assistance. BNN has readers and listeners across the country, I do hope that someone can reach out and help solve this case.

The Zachary Pittman case took an interesting turn this week. After almost 6 weeks of non returned phone calls mother Christy Ragas ‘fired’ the detectives! Oh, it is not as wild an idea as you might think. On Monday she has been invited to a meeting with the Sheriff’s office.

Maybe now someone will listen to her. I admire Christy’s go gettem attitude. My guess is that on Monday she is going to ‘Rag’ on some Law Enforcement  ‘Ass’, sorry for the bad joke, I just could not resist it.

The big news in the Haleigh Cummings case has to be the 15 year sentence handed down to Tommy Croslin on Friday. This must have sister Misty Croslin quaking in her boots. I have no doubt that the panel will have lots to say on this subject.

It has not been quiet in the Caylee Anthony case either. Jan has been working her way through the latest document dump, and I am sure will have lots to say on some jail house letters. I am certain that Dave Knechel will be weighing in on them as well.

I also received a couple of very interesting emails this week. While I am not at liberty to name the person, they are somewhat involved in the case. Baez’s PI has been asking some questions, the object supposedly is yet another court motion. Did this person smell anything or see any Buzzards while out searching? And even stranger, what does this person know about Mark Nejame hawking a tell all book?

What is the motion?

I am sure that this is going to be a pretty interesting program. To tune in, set your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com at 3pm central on Sunday Aug/8, or use this direct link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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