Due to a prior engagement Sundays program had to be shortened to one hour, but in that hour we managed to squeeze in a lot if updates on on the cases that we have been following.

There has been a significant event in the Somer Thompson case. Jarred Mitchell Harrell has been charged with the murder of 7-year-old Somer Thompson.

Harrell has been in custody since Feb. 11, 2010 when authorities arrested him in Meridian, Mississippi on child pornography charges originating in Florida. Harrell was then extradited to Florida. Harrell pleaded not guilty to 55 counts of possessing child pornography, making child pornography and molestation Wednesday morning, March 10, 2010 in Clay County, Florida.

To finally charge Harrell with Somer’s murder investigators have relied on DNA evidence, witness statements, and some sort of admission by Harrell.

In the Mark Bookal case, missing since last December there has been a sad development. The body of a young boy found. Authorities are saying that it could take up to a month for a positive id. However they do seem fairly certain that it is Mark Bookal as no other children in the area are missing.

The Caylee Anthony case was also back in the news this week, with allegations that George Anthony had an affair with one of the women who helped search for Caylee Anthony.

River Cruz, whose real name is Krystal Holloway, has sold her story to the National Enquirer claiming that she and George Anthony were involved in an affair during the time that volunteers nationwide were searching for his granddaughter.

It was also reported that Ms. Cruz attempted suicide last Thursday by taking an overdose of pills

By far the most interesting news last week was the release of almost 1000 pages of evidence, much of which was in the form of interview transcripts. While there was nothing that could be called a ‘smoking gun’ they certainly filled in a lot of gaps, and you can start to get an insight into the directions that Law Enforcement took in coming to their conclusions. I do plan on examining these transcripts in greater depth on another artice, stay tuned.

Here is one little gem for you to consider, Cindy Anthony has repeatedly said that she did not know how to get in touch Zanny the nanny – well on July 16/2009 she claimed to have given the number to the cops!

The Haleigh Cummings case continues to lumber laboriously on it way. A couple of news sources reported that Misty has supposedly has failed yet another polygraph, this is her fourth or fifth, my question is why would anyone suspect that this one be any different?

Tommy Croslin apparently wants to do a poly, but his lawyer claimed on national TV earlier this week that he wanted a neutral examiner rather than someone connected with the prosecution.

The other big event last week is the William Cobra Staubs has resolved his problem with the authorities in Putnam County. After several weeks of negotiations a plea deal was signed on Wednesday. Needless to say Cobra is a very happy man as this opens the door to him continuing on with his career. Cobra’s joy may not be shared by some other though. From comments that he has made both on and off the record it is clear that while this chapter may be at a close, the book is hardly finished.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the recorded version here.

Denny Griffin also spent a few moments talking about his latest adventure, CrimeWire, this might just be the next big hit on TV.

Simon Barrett

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