We will be running our regular weekly look back at the happenings in the sad cases of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings.

We will have our regular panel of Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, and William Cobra Staubs.

This week saw an anniversary of sorts in the Caylee Anthony case, it was one year ago that meter reader Roy Kronk discovered the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony a mere few blocks from her home. On the anniversary date I received a very touching letter from Richard Grund, if you have not read it please do.

On Friday we saw Casey Anthony in court once again as Baez and his team try desperately to get the Death penalty off the table.

In the search for Haleigh Cummings  this week saw a bit of a mixed bag of items. A news report was published stating that elements of the family were making a direct appeal to the FBI to take control of the case. The interesting part was that the article on First Coast News was taken down after a short time. This had some of us scratching our heads. The article has reappeared once more, so whatever the issue was with it has obviously been resolved.

There was also some reports that surfaced concerning Misty Croslin’s party habits that looked rather sordid to say the least.

A couple of leads surfaced this week that have been passed on to LE, we shall have to wait and see if they have any credibility.

There were also some ridiculous rumors that did the rounds on the internet. We will be clearing them up this afternoon.

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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