It was the usual interesting 90 minutes. Our panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, and William Cobra Stuabs. Denny Griffin was unable to be with us, however in his place we had fellow Blog Talk Radio host Levi Page. Levi has been following both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases, and it was interesting to get a new perspective on them.

We started off on the Caylee Anthony case, late last week the prosecution released another huge dump of documents. Some people are even speculating this in this release is a speck of pure gold that will seal Casey Anthony’s fate. A syringe with traces of chloroform in it. The other interesting document is from an insect specialist, who claims that Coffin flies were found both in the truck of Casey’s car and also at the location where the remains were found.

On the Haleigh Cummings story it was a relatively slow week with little of any substance directly pertaining to the search being released.

On the periphery though there was still lots to talk about. The internet has been awash with allegations that one of the several Haleigh forums is in fact being run by a man who is a convicted child molester. The claims are that in the early 1990’s he raped two girls under the age of 14.

There is also a good deal of speculation doing the rounds about the so called benefit concert held in Austin, Texas. The proceeds of which were supposed to go to Tim Miller’s Equusearch group, Levi Page has been doing some investigating and revealed on air that he has spoken with TES and they have received no money whatsoever from this event. Clearly tickets were sold, although how many is a huge unknown. One set of rumors has it that sales were far less than anticipated, and after costs there was nothing left to donate. This scenario makes for a certain amount sense, while the Haleigh Cumming story has garnered nation and even international attention, holding a cencert in Austin is akin to holding a fund-raiser for your local small town High School Marching Band three states away! Why didn’t the band hold this benefit in Gainsville, Jacksonville, or Ocala, where the Haleigh story is so much better known?

Misty Croslin’s uncle Tommy managed to get himself arrested over a drug issue, and Ruby Kanger’s legal problems continue on in Kentucky.

It appears thet Ronald Cummings via his lawyer has retained at least one private investigator.  I guess Ron himself is too busy chasing exotic dancers to be out searching for his missing daughter!

You can hear the discussion about Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings here.

Once again I would like to thank Levi Page for bringing his insight into the cases, and do hope that he will be participating in future programs.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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