This was a program that neither I nor my wife Jan wanted to air. We may be reporters, but we are also human beings. On Friday we received word that the search for Reno man Eric Priemesberger had reached a conclusion. Eric is no longer with us.

At the request of mother Kay Wilson we read her statement:

Please know that we are all  covered under Jehovah’s loving wings, in this dark time.,that includes all of you. He always puts those in our lives that we will need at just the right moment in time. We needed you, but you may have needed us just as much. Please as a favor to me and to my family. Have  call your local Kingdom Hall and request a copy of a brochure entitled ” When someone you love dies” tell them this is not an open invitation to a study or even that you will want them to return ever again.or have it sent to a mail box.  Tell them  you promised a person’s mother that has been murdered that you would read it., also remember a scripture,  Isaiah 41:13 where it says that God Is GRASPING notice  not just holding, but grasping your right hand think about that when you hold your childs hand it may just be light, but when you  GRASP that little hand  you are not going to let go anytime soon, and He says he will really help you…… me that is comfort,

When KC called and asked if I was alone or with someone I knew what he was about to say,,,,,but he kept his promise to tell me HIMSELF when there was a break in the case, and without going into many details Karen, Kristi’s and Tim’s mom Is a Heroine! Send out good thoughts and love her way, may the babies have the security of a Nana to snuggle in a very short time.

Please Karen Kiss and love on them from me and KNOW your strength was probably more than I could have done. Make room in your bed for them and let them sleep with you as I know you will. And then please call Grandma Kay and Papa Bill so we can tell them we love and miss them and  will see them soon. We can raise them together just as we spoke about. Please call me
Agape’ love (Christian love)

Bill, Kay Coby Teresa and Cara

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

It was also a frustrating week in the search for Zachary Pittman, mother Christy Ragas took time out to stop on her way to Alabama to bring us up to date on the case. The news was not encouraging, the St Tammany Parish SO have removed the lead detective Corey Crowe from the case, but, as far as she knows they have not assigned anyone to replace him. In fact this case seems to be one that the cops really do not seem to have a clear mission with. Christy Ragas remains resolute in keeping this story in the news!

This weeks news on the Caylee Anthony case was a mixed bag. Cindy and George once more decided that they needed some face time on National TV. Illustrious lawyer Mark NeJame is still grousing about being called on shopping a book idea around, and calling Beaz’s claims about the value of the TES search records a big fat zero.

Without doubt the most humorous event of the week was the non-depo of Richard and Jessie Grund by Baez and the kids. The news outlets had the story, but not the detail. All that was reported was that they had been canceled. In todays program we shared the gory details. Someone in the illustrious Baez operation forgot the minor detail of actually serving Jessie Grund with the papers! For months Baez has been squawking about the Grunds, yet he forgets to actually invite Jessie to the party? Of course now that he is on the Tax Payers dime, I guess that he has throttled back his level of activity.

The Haleigh Cummings case also meanders on its way. The sentences being handed down to the pill popping Croslins and their friends are brutal. Everyone is scoring 15 years, which is the same amount as a murderer scored in the area this week.

I have no doubt that the detractors for BNN and William Cobra Staubs will claim this is a set up. It was not. I look at the amount of information, the people on the panel, and make a guess as to how long the program should be. I picked 90 minutes, I should have gone with 120, but that is the luck of the draw. The good news is that the program continues to be recorded after we lose the live audience.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted about a very large, and very serious court case. To put it mildly its a zinger. It is not just a career ender, it is a life changer. Cobra decided to bring us up to date on the events surrounding Emmy winning Art Harris, and his production company Busy Streets. From Art’s perspective it is likely just as well that I had to call a halt after the program ran 10 minutes longer than scheduled.

The fun with this case is just starting.

Confucius say “Don’t pretend to be independent journalist, while having Media Consultant Check in Wallet”

You can pick up the entire program here.


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