The question that law enforcement must answer is a simple one, where is Hailey Dunn? Is she just another 13 year old runaway, a youthful hellion? Or is she the victim of a deadly crime? It is easy to make snap judgments, but they can be wrong. I know someone that did indeed run away in his early teens, many years later he is now a very successful businessman. It can happen.

Of course from a statistical point of view the overwhelming odds are that something bad happened to Hailey Dunn.

To a large part that while the police investigate, the press pontificate on the story. Mother Billie Jean Dunn has been portrayed as the young grieving mother, a woman who would never harm anyone, much less her own daughter. This view was bought into by HLN’s Nancy Grace. Do I see shades of the Ronald Cummings story?

Not everyone buys into Billie Jean Dunn. Is there a side to this lady that we don’t know about? What about her boy friend Shawn Adkins?

My kids are adults, they have flown the nest, but somehow I suspect that had one of them suddenly gone missing over the Christmas holiday I might have canceled a planned party for New Years Eve. But hell, thats just me, and what do I know!

While Nancy has been pouring out her syrupy lines to Billie Jean Dunn, other investigators have been in the trenches looking for facts rather than fructose.

I have a huge respect for Peter Hyatt, we do not always agree 100% but he makes well researched and carefully thought out arguments. One of the tools in his tool box is Statement Analysis. Much can be gleaned by the way people phrase answers to questions. Rather akin to a polygraph it is not a black and white situation of truth and lie, but rather an exploration of the varying shades of gray. You can determine the probability of truth or deception.

Peter is impressive in his accuracy. I have to admit that with there only being 24 hours in the day my wife Jan and I cannot follow every case as closely as we would like, and my knowledge of the Hailey Dunn case was based solely on some rudimentary poking around.

It did seem to me that Billie Jean Dunn’s actions were a little hard to fathom out, holding a party a few days after Hailey Dunn’s disappearance hardly spoke of a caring parent.

Peter Hyatt has followed this case very closely. Peter and I are friends, and we talk quite often. One thing that has become very apparent. Peter Hyatt is no longer just an analyst, he is moving into the role of investigative journalism and doing it very well.

While the Nancy’s of the world are fawning over Billie Jean Dunn, Peter has struck out in a new direction, one that provides a great deal of insight into the family dynamics. Clint Dunn is Hailey’s father and has been estranged from Billie Jean for two years. He has very much avoided the press, he is a quiet man who seeks no publicity. Peter Hyatt has managed what few news organizations have, an exclusive interview with Clint Dunn.

To say the least, his revelations about the family dynamics are eye opening. Of course, many marital breakdowns are acrimonious events, and some might view Clint as merely using his missing daughter to fester old wounds. The classic he said, she said scenario. However I do not believe that is the case.

It will be interesting to hear what Clint Dunn has to say on air.

Simon Barrett.

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