I have heard of passing bills late on Friday so that the public doesn’t know all the shenanigans that Congress is funding.

But behind all the headlines behind the congress passes anti war bill headlines, are you aware that the bill was a 1.21 billion dollar budget bill supposed to be emergency funding for the Iraq war is actually full of porkbarrel subsidies?

Here’s a partial list from the Christian Science Monitor:

Below is a partial list of nonwar-related provisions added to th


$500 Emergency wildfire suppression
400 Rural schools
283 Milk subsidies
140 Shrimp and fishing industries that suffered losses after hurricane Katrina
100 Citrus growers for losses from hurricanes Katrina or Rita
74 Peanut storage
60 Salmon fisheries in the Klamath River region in California and Oregon
50 Asbestos removal from the US Capitol power plant
48 Salaries and expenses for the Farm Service Agency
35 Risk mitigation at NASA’s Stennis Space Center on the Gulf Coast
25 Spinach growers
25 Hurricane compensation for livestock producers
16 Security upgrades to House of Representative office buildings
10 Flood control along the Rio Grande River

That’s right.
$25 million dollars for spinach farmers, who are suffering after the E Coli spinich scare. That probably got a few votes from California congressmen.

And that’s the point. Many of these subsidies of agriculture are to large industrial farming conglomerates, not to poor farmers going broke.

And by placing them into the bill, it enabled Nancy Pelosi to essentially bribe congressmen from districts that requested these subsidies.

Yup. Don’t vote your conscience, vote for agribusinesses who bribe I mean donate to your reelection campaigns.

One of the problems with globalization is that such lucrative subsidies are sold as “saving family farms” but are actually enabling the larger agribusinesses from underpricing crops so these farms end up going broke.

And the cheap monolithic food from these agribusinesses can be exported and undermine the small third world farmers.

It’s actually cheaper for us to buy imported canned salmon than to buy locally grown Talapia…just like it is cheaper for us to buy imported milk from New Zealand than to buy waterbuffalo milk that is produced locally.

So I see this as a double whammy. First, stop the war on terror, which will enable the Saudi charities to send more money to terrorists poor Pinoy Muslims and two, destroy third world economies so that more unemployed men join the “insurgents” of various kinds.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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