Malicious hackers are using Wikipedia to target unsuspecting PC users, who visit this site in search of information. Recently, virus writers created a page in German Wikipedia, with a link to a false fix for a new version of a Windows worm. This booby-trap, victimized many users, who got a new Windows virus installed in their PC’s, when they followed the false link in the Wikipedia page. This page has now been removed from the site.

Wikipedia, which is a large, multilingual, web-based free encyclopedia project, allows many of its users to edit articles in its website. It has 5 million articles in many languages, with over 1.4 million articles in English. This site is widely used by students and researchers from all around the globe, to get easy and free access to a whole world of information. But, unfortunately the ‘purpose’ (sharing information) around which this project was developed, has turned into its nemesis, with hackers and malicious users vandalizing its contents in every possible way. Wikipedia has now enforced new set of measures to control this ‘vandalism’, by preventing newly registered and unregistered users from editing its contents.

After creating the malicious page in German Wikipedia, its creators sent a spam e-mail in German, with a message crafted to look like a one from Wikipedia. This spam e-mail directed users to the booby-trapped page and to the link to download the false fix for the Windows worm. However, Wikipedia authorities immediately identified this page and removed it from their site.  

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