No doubt thinking it to be a “good week to bury bad news” the Richies, Madonna and Guy have announced their intention to split before December. Now it has to be said housewives up and down the land will be more upset by this than some of the recent news about. I mean a bank failing is a shame but Guy & Madonna divorcing is a tragedy.

It seems that Madonna is not a bit fan of the English lifestyle. She specifically does not like “pub culture”; one that her husband seems to be a big fan of. One seems to have missed the general vibe of her husband’s films and what they celebrated. His films were all about the sort that likes a drink down at their local.

Maybe Madonna got upset with her husband because he refused to put her in any of his films. She has such an impressive acting resume one can see how she might have a point in her taking exception. Ironically she went off to NYC to a premiere of her new film vowing “never to return”. She has even turfed him out of their London home. The Sun, experts in celebrity bust-ups, reports the following:

“Guy has flown back from France, postponing filming of his new movie Sherlock Holmes, to break the news to his parents.
This week he will take his possessions from the couple’s London home, which Madonna owns, and move into their Wiltshire home, which he owns.
Madonna — in New York on Monday night for the premiere of her new movie Filth And Wisdom — initially planned to move back to the US with their three children in July.
The source said: “She was adamant that she was leaving Guy and not coming back.””

OK! magazine another source of celebrity expertise adds this to the story.

“The couple had a rocky year: this summer rumors swirled over Madonna’s alleged involvement in the breakup of New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez’s marriage to his ex-wife Cynthia. The super star musician denied any part in that split, and she and Guy had gone out together in public shows of marital solidarity since then.”

The biggest worry for trans-Atlantic types is the precedent this offers up for those who are planning Anglo-American marriages. Madonna & Guy are such trendsetters that we might see a “rash” of famous transatlantic couples calling it quits to return to their native lands. Are we to see Gwen & that miserable sod from Coldplay heading for splitsville? Or is that other American Gwen going to break up with her rocker husband Gavin?

After all we know how celebrities follow trends set by those higher up the food chain. And is getting your divorce finalised right before Christmas another trend the Ritches are setting us up for.

Still those who enjoy a good celebrity bun fight can enjoy the dust-up when these two celebrities attempt to divide up their affairs before returning to the life of singles. Those of us with significant others from away will understand the complication of breaking up with interests across the pond. The logistics, even with the best of help, must be breathtakingly complicated.

So as you look at your rapidly fluctuating value of your 401k over your breakfast cereal remember one thing. At least you are not getting dumped by Madonna this year.

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