Not that it takes much to tick off the government of China, rumor has it that Blogger News has been banned for at least two years. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense, we do not write many stories about the situation in China, we prefer to poke fun at our own government, past, present, and future! But apparently we have fallen into the ‘great fire wall of china’. Our official line here at BNN is “screw you”! If you don’t like our articles, so be it, we don’t like your style! Everyone should have the ability of saying “I have something to say”.

For the past 17 years fans of Guns N Roses have been eagerly awaiting the release of some new material. Tracks made their way into the internet some time ago, and the miscreant responsible is waiting to hear is fate. it is doubtful that he will actually go to jail, but it certainly was a badly planned move.

Chinese Democracy has finally made it to fruition, I have not listened to it, I have never been a fan, the band is, what it is. Innovative, no, creative, no, groundbreaking, a bigger NO. Guns n Roses are held in high esteem, but I cannot for the life of me understand why. One reviewer that I work with regularly told me ‘off the record’ that it was pretty disappointing. This is not a grand comeback, just a huge bore.

That said, of course the mere title of the album has the Chinese government with their knickers in a knot.

Not content with merely banning the album, the New York Daily News offers the following:

Excerpts from these online chats slammed the album as a plot by Western adversaries to “grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn,”the Associated Press reported. The new album dropped Sunday after fans held on through 17 years of myriad false starts and production delays after Guns ‘N Roses began recording in 1994.

A more , In Your Face description came from the same article:

An article in a Chinese newspaper today blasted the singer’s new album “Chinese Democracy”as a “venomous attack”on the nation and suggested the long-awaited Guns ‘N Roses release “turns its spear point on China.”

Lets face it, GnR are past their best, they are an aging band at best. Axl Rose puts on a fine attempt at shedding 30 years of fun, but those 30 years are still there. Maybe China needs to get a grip. They are turning on GnR, but how many Chinese citizens have even heard the album? GnR, are what they are, I cannot envision a scenario where they would deliberately annoy anyone, and certainly not an entire country! GnR, are what they are, if the Chinese government don’t like them, this can do nothing but improve sales.

Simon Barrett

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