On the second time in under a month our NRA loving Fred Thompson has held a gun oriented rally in New Hampshire. Friday found him at Skip’s Gun & Sport Shop in Bristol, NH. Combined with his visit to the Thompson Center gun factory earlier this month hot shot Fred Thompson seems keen to bring the gun issue to the forefront. ‘It’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people’, is the clarion call from the pro gun lobby. That makes about as much sense as Crack Cocaine isn’t addictive, it’s the dealers that make addicts.

The gun issue is a contentious one, at one end of the spectrum is a broad based group that would like to see them banned completely, at the other end are the NRA, who seem to think everyone should walk around like Rambo!

“I’ve had some good relationships with gun-owner organizations over the years and supported them when I was in the congress,” Thompson said, “and I think it’s kind of a forgotten issue right now. In this primary we need to remember that those second amendment rights are always an issue, and some of my opponents have bad records and no records, and I have a solid record in support of the second amendment, and I’m not embarrassed to remind anybody of that.”

With comments like that, in the very unlikely event that he becomes president gun ownership will probably be mandatory! Fred went on to make some interesting assertions about Giuliana “Giuliani simply supported just about every gun control legislation that came down the pipe, and I just disagree with him on that, I saw he was at bill signing ceremonies with Chuck Schumer and President Clinton and others for gun control legislation over the years and was very outspoken about it. Of course, he’s not as outspoken about it anymore. But it’s a major differentiation”

I think the best news about all of this is that the chances of Fred Thompson making it to the White House are akin with OJ Simpson paying the Goldman family the $38 million that he now owes.

Simon Barrett


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