A gunman was found dead in Geschwister Scholl school, in Emsdetten, Germany earlier today after storming the building and opening fire on students and faculty before committing suicide as police were circling the building. Police say that explosives were found on his body. The school was quickly evacuated and police tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the attack but were unsuccessful. They say that they have found what they believe to be a genuine suicide note left on the internet after the attack was concluded.

The note read in part “If there was one thing which was really brought home to me at school, it was that I’m a loser. I detest people.”

The unidentified man is reported to be a former student of the school and eight people suffered minor injuries in the attack today.

The school houses about 700 students ranging from 11-16 years of age and is no stranger to incidents of violence. In 2002, another former student stormed the school and opened fire on students and faculty leading to the deaths of 18 people. Earlier this year another shooting incident took place in Germany when a man entered his former school and killed his former headmaster by shooting them.

Gunman dies after storming school (BBC)

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