I live in Arizona and because the law allows it in the glove compartment of my car a holstered 38 snub-nosed police special with hollow points awaits the time I hope never comes. Yet the time when we needed the N.R.A is long past. 

Many years ago the National Rifle Association was established to promote responsibility and safe handling of fire arms, It was an especially positive influence in smaller rural communities where hunter safety courses were required for permits during season. Yes it was funded by the folks who made guns but for very different reasons then the industry of today

The N.R.A of today is little more then a deep pocket conservative political lobby. The industry and companies that make guns today are merchants of death. The types of weapons they make and sell these days are not designed to protect home and family or hunt, they are urban assault weapons intended and capable of mass slaughter and we ought to ban them.

A  38 police special with hollow points is all one will ever need to protect against a car jacking or home invasions and in my opinion you should be required to have hours and hours of instructions before you can own one.

The republican hopefuls have begun the traditional courting of those who think gun control means straight aim. Wealthy or poor if you belong to the N.R.A these days you are one of the beguiled.

I support your right to keep and bear arms but If you think the N.R.A has anything to do with protecting your right to defend home and family you are an intellectual pygmy who I speculate finds the recent Army commercials inspiring. 

The folks in Canada per ca-pita own as many guns as Americans with a fraction of the violence. The difference being they restrict themselves to shotguns or rifles for hunting and small handguns for self defense.

American gun manufactures were the far removed secret money behind the development of video games that made killing look oh so fun.

Yes Virgina folks selling street sweeper assault weapons are the folks who once made fortunes promoting cigarettes by sponsoring sports events. Marketing death is often most effective when done indirectly.

If you like to hunt and fish or tell me you need a handgun for protection but attempt to tell me in the same train of thought the N.R.A is defending your rights in the matter, You are in my view little more then a cracker ass.

P.S Burton

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