Who says there is no inclusive growth in the Private Sector ?

Mayawati maybe bending over backwards to usher Reservations in the Private Sector but the mainstream media has stolen a march on her.

Today there is more Social Justice in the 24×7 News Channels than in the PPP ventures of Uttar Pradesh.

Puzzled !

Well, how else would you explain the Affirmative Action in the mainstream media that ensures no pollster is left behind.

Still puzzled !

Well dig this.

The first time you make a mistake at your workplace you probably would be excused with a caution that it be avoided in the futur and the mistake if no an expensive one will likely be treated an exception. On the other hand if the mistake was an expensive one, it would likely be probed, root causes would be established and measures would be put in place to prevent even an unintentional recurrence.

Now if you make the same mistake for the second time it would likely invite accountability for the slip, responsibility for its fallout and penal action for punishment.

But then none of it for our pollsters. They may make the same mistake repeatedly over and over again but they are never held accountable for their wrong predictions, there is never a question of holding anyone responsible and one may as well forget seeking penal action for punishment.

The only parallel for such an unprecedented forgiving attitude in the work place is Affirmative Action.

So the question Offstumped is posing to Yogendra Yadav, who famously proposed a Social Disadvantage Index, is

How socially disadvantaged are you pollsters that you are never held up to any performance benchmarks and there is always a next time to get your act right ?

One may dismiss away exit polls as entertainment and pollsters as useful idiots but not anymore.

Yogendra Yadav went beyond mere entertainment and crystal ball gazing. He went on record on the eve of polling in Gujarat, to influence the outcome with his now infamous “democracy is taking revenge on Narendra Modi” tagline. He was not playing the role of a mere pollster who was passively observing. He admitted to a role and an agenda that went much beyond passive observation. This paragraph sums it all up

Another form is the rise of media, and not just the Delhi-based English and secular media, as counter-establishment. This has prevented Modi from setting the agenda of elections. This election is not about the macro economic achievements of Gujarat. Those achievement might impress the middle class urban Gujarati but have very little value outside this charmed circle. Ordinary people wish to see what these have meant in their own lives. Speak to any poor Gujarati in rural or urban areas about these achievements and he will narrate to you the tale of his woes in obtaining the basic necessities of life. Modi’s well cultivated aura of omniscience and omnipotence begins to boomerang here: the voters hold him responsible for everything, from price rise and lack of employment to agrarian crisis, the state of BPL card and having to pay electricity bills.

For someone with a habit for getting his math horribly wrong Yogendra Yadav’s influence is not limited to poll time prognostication. Someone had suggested in jest that perhaps Yadav needs a saffron dose of Vedic Mathematics to get his math right on the exit polls.  Reason, he had been at the forefront of the UPA’s Detox campaign on NCERT Text Books. Those very same textbooks that have given academic sanction to the NHRC’s lie of non-existent mass graves in Gujarat. Yes graves that were characterized as “Mass Graves” even before they were dug while the media and the NHRC conveninetly ignore the CPI-M’s shame in West Bengal with the daily discovery of multiple graves by the CRPF in Nandigram.

So Yadav has a record here of insinuating Gujarat based on half-truths with little respect for facts.

Think of the message this sends to the generations of students who will be moulded by textbooks that have Yogendra Yadav’s imprints all over them. That it is ok to peddle an agenda based on half-truths, it is ok to influence electoral outcomes with these half truths camouflaged as science and that it is ok to get away with all of it despite being repeatedly wrong.

CNN-IBN that has been promoting Yadav’s psephology has a responsibility to the people of Gujarat and India at large. Rajdeep Sardesai belatedly has attempted a course correction by getting on the right side of the BJP with this op-ed in the Hindustan Times but that is not enough.

There has to be accountability and punishment.

Offstumped Bottomline: It is unacceptable to peddle half-truths and a political agenda at the same time and get away with it after being repeatedly wrong. If CNN-IBN wants to redeem its credibility and survive as a viable media house it must hold Yogendra Yadav accountable for patently wrong exit polls that were hand in glove with motivated and biased editorials. As punishment it must sever any business relationship it may have with his organisation failing which it must be prepared for a public boycott of its news channels.


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