It started with Sonia Gandhi borrowing a phrase out of Narendra Modi’s dictionary calling him a “merchant of death” or “maut ke saudaagar”. She then went on to describe his administration as lacking in integity or “beimaan”. Now she is referring to the BJP Government in Gujarat as “swindlers“. Her lackeys were not far behind with Digvijay Singh talking of “Hindu Terrorism” and Abhishek Singhvi talking of “conducting trials in International Courts”.

In fact negative rhetoric seems to have become the hallmark of Sonia Gandhi’s speeches in the last 30 days with not a single new idea being advanced.

For example consider her speech at the AICC in New Delhi on 17th Nov, the highlights of the speech that got the most press were her attacks on the BJP. Look at the adjectives she used then –

“stubbornly uncooperative” and “obstructive”

Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, ideals and institutions are “under sustained assault in the state of his birth itself and in other BJP-ruled states”.

Then comes the 1st December speech in Navasri where she had these adjectives to use

“The crime against women are increasing and anti-social elements feel secure as they are getting state protection. Today the rulers of Gujarat are merchants of fear and death,”

The apparent provocation for this was the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. Now Offstumped had shown back in April with data from the NHRC for 2004-2005 that deaths in Police Custody were on the increase in Congress ruled Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and most surprising of all the National Capital New Delhi were the Police directly reports to the Union Home Ministry of the UPA Government.

The National Capital under Shivraj’s Patil supervision and Sonia Gandhi’s proximity had 18 fake encounter cases in 2004-2005 !

If this was not a self goal what is ?

But that was not all, the 1st December speech was also a self goal for the Congress on the subject of terrorism. The speech had this to say:

“But is it not not true that terrorist attacks on Jammu’s Raghunath temple, Akshardham temple (near Gandhinagar) and on Parliament happened when they were in power,”

It is laughable the Congress should bring these up when every Mass Terror attack in the last 4 years have been in Congress ruled states and the UPA Government at the Center with a strong correlation between Muslim Appeasement and Mass Terror.

The adjectives get worse with speeches, consider this one in Jasdan, Rajkot:

They talk of Gandhi and practice what Godse stood for.

References to Gandhi are particularly amusing to see coming from Sonia given her conspiracy of silence in Nandigram and its Muslim Victims. So should we take it that she is practising a see no evil, hear evil brand of Gandhianism.

Then comes yesterday’s speech in Kutch at the Ramlila Maidan in Gandhidham which also a self goal on the subject of debt when she called the government “swindlers”:

Congress, unlike the BJP, matched its words with deeds. She pointed out that if Gujarat had indeed achieved all-round development under Modi, why were 50 per cent of cotton farmers in debt in north Gujarat,

This is amazing spin coming from a party who’s Government at the Center just came up with a report on Solving Agricultural Indebtedness that had 46 recommendations on lending more money to get Farmers into greater debt and just 1 recommendation on how to encourage the Farmer to get out of doubt.

Offstumped Bottomline: Meanwhile while her speech writers are busy scoring self goals for the Congress we are still looking if the Congress President has a single new innovative idea for Gujarat. We always knew she couldnt get her own lines but little did we know her speech writers would run out of ideas this early in the campaign that the only innovation in her speeches is in the choice of adjectives to describe Narendra Modi and his BJP administration. Its perhaps time Sonia Gandhi gave her speech-writers the boot and wrote some lines of her own.

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