So what does the martyrdom of two Prime Minister two decades ago have to do with Terrorism this decade ?

Plenty if you were to go by Congress President’s Sonia Gandhi’s remarks at public rallies in Dabhoi, Patan and Ahmedabad in response to Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP Leader Narendra Modi’s remarks.

I am proud of the Congress party that has never bowed before terrorists. Instead, its leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have laid down their lives fighting terrorism,’ she said.

Sonia Gandhi has invoked a political argument to question the BJP’s moral right to challenge her party’s handling of terrorism but here is the problem with Sonia Gandhi’s moral outrage and sanctimony on the issue of Terrorism.

She has maintained a deafening silence all along. She has had no words to offer to the many victims of the series of Mass Terror Attacks that have plagued India ever since the UPA Government took office in 2004.

In fact Offstumped had extensively analysed Sonia Gandhi’s public utterances on the issue of Terrorism since the Mumbai 7-11 blasts and found that the only time Sonia Gandhi spoke up on the issue of Terrorism it was to assuage Muslim fears and not even once to speak for the victims of mass terror.

So Sonia Gandhi may have attempted to seize the moral high ground against the BJP on the issue of Terrorism by invoking her dead Husband and Mother in Law, but the fact remains that she does not have even a fig leaf of an excuse to look the victims of mass terror in the eye and declare she is proud of her party’s handling of terrorism.

So here is Offstumped’s poser to Sonia Gandi

– Are you proud that all Mass Terror Attacks occuring under Congress rule

– Are you proud that Muslim Appeasement by the Congress has resulted in the attacks of Mass Terror

– Are you proud that under your Government’s watch Muslims have been exclusively targetted by Terrorists

- Are you proud that the process of radicalization of Muslims by attacking soft Muslim targets happened under your watch

– Are you proud that the Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy Congress Government in Andhra had ignored the many warning signals from 2004 on the radicalization in Hyderabad leading up to the serial blasts earlier this year.

– Are you proud that your Government has sat on the death sentence of Afzal Guru, in the December 13th Parliament Attack case, for 15 months since it was referred to the Home Ministry by then President APJ Abdul Kalam ?

Do you want the the kith and kin of the nearly 200 victims of the Mumbai 7-11 blasts (mostly Gujaratis) to take comfort in the martyrdom from 2 decades as insurance against Islamic Terrorism in this decade ?

The reality Ms. Gandhi is that the UPA Government lead by Manmohan Singh has repeatedly bowed to Terrorists over the last 3 years with gutless wonder Shivraj Patil in the Home Ministry. Your Prime Minister has been deep in denial over Terrorism for far too long. Your Home Minister has spent more time flying you around in IAF jets than in addressing the nation’s security.

Offstumped Bottomline: Ms. Gandhi, when you declare that you are proud of your party not bowing to terrorism you insult and offend the kith and kin of every victim of mass terror. You must first explain to these victims your deafening silence on the issue of Terrorism post 7-11 before you can raise political questions of the BJP’s moral right to challenge you on terrorism.

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