So what is with the Congress no holds barred attack on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP ?

First it was Congress President Sonia Gandhi calling Modi a “merchant of death” and accusing the BJP of being lax on Terrorism. Next it was Congress General Secy Digvijay Singh accusing the BJP of “Hindu Terrorism” while comparing it with Islamic Terorrism. Then you have verbal gymnast Abhishek and Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi with these words of defense on Sonia’s speech

He is a violator of global human rights, he deserved to be “tried and convicted” not only by Indian courts but also by the international justice system. ” AICC spokesperson A M Singhvi told PTI.

He was reacting to the BJP’s counter attack on Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s election rally in Gujarat, where she had termed Modi as a “merchant of death”.

For such people “merchant of death” is not only appropriate but is in fact “mild”, Singhvi said.

The Gujarat Congress must be counting its losses after this no-holds barred invective that went beyond Modi and for the first time has started to refer to Hindus as Terrorists. Just last week Bharathsinh Solanki was talking of his Hindutva being Secular.

So clearly the Congress President did not have the majority Hindu voter in Gujarat in mind when she talked of “merchants of death” and her lackey-in-chief in Gujarat Digvijay Singh spoke of “Hindu Terrorism”. Now the Muslim vote in Gujarat is not so significant as to get the Congress over the hump with rhetoric of this kind.

So who exactly did Sonia Gandhi and the Congress have in mind when they went off the handle over the weekend ?

To appreciate that one needs to put into perspective the larger sequence of events here. A muslim majority in Nandigram is targetted by the Congress’s psuedo-secular ally CPI-M and the Congress response is mild to put it least while Sonia Gandhi herself maintained deafening silence. Then comes along Taslima Nasreen to knock Mozzamat Akhera Bibi’s gangrape off the headlines as the CPI-M appeased the Islamist power brokers while the Congress equivocated for a meaningful response unable to take a firm stance.

So you have a Sonia Gandhi worried about the Muslim vote across India with the wounds of Nandigram’s Muslim victims staring her in the face. What do you do if you are Sonia Gandhi ?

Well you deflect attention to focus on a figure that is hated by Muslims of all hues, the common man on the street aggrieved over Nandigram and the Islamist power brokers peddling paranoia over Taslima Nasreen.

Offstumped Bottomline: By attacking Modi and the BJP with rhetoric borrowed straight off the Islamist Theasaurus, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress are sending two signals. The first is that the Congress has thrown the towel in Gujarat. It can no longer hope to attract the majority vote in Gujarat and hence its leadership has given up on appealing to the Hindu Majority. The second signal the Congress is sending is to the Muslim Vote Bank across the rest of country that when it came to the crunch in Gujarat it took on Modi and hence it can still pander and appease despite Nandigram and Taslima.

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