The Election Commission today gave its complaints made by activist Teesta Setalvad against Narendra Modi and Gujarat BJP leader Jayanti Lal S Barot against Sonia Gandhi.

The Commission, after careful consideration of all aspects, has come to the conclusion that in the instant case, the model code of conduct has been violated. The Commission, therefore, has conveyed its displeasure and advised you to be more cautious in future so that the salutary provisions of model code of conduct are adhered to and duly observed in letter and spirit”, the three-member Commission said today after considering their replies to its notice,”

Well that was for Mr. Modi.

Thank god that the school headmasterly reprimand did not ask Mr. Modi to stand up on the bench or kneel down or show his knuckles for a quick rap or write an imposition a 100 times that “I will not repeat this mistake”.

Meanwhile the dyed in the old school unelected bureaucrats of Nirvachan Sadan also reprimanded Sonia Gandhi rather mildly by not extracting any promises of being cautious in the future. Perhap it is the typical school headmaster bias when it comes to the skirt factor that was at work here.

Offstumped Bottomline: With less than 24 hours left before the votes are counted in Gujarat the unelected bureaucrats of Nirvachan Sadan have emerged the clear losers in this election. It is clear that the unelected bureaucrats of Nirvachan Sadan have arrogated to themselves undue influence on the electoral process. The election commission must restrict its role to registering voters and executing the poll process and leave all value judgement on conduct to the the legal courts and that supreme court of public opinion.

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