Dave Barclay can be considered a loyal and devoted friend and probably the center of a lot of ridicule after he flew thousands of miles to turn up a year early to his best friend’s wedding. At the beginning of the year, Barclay had received an e-mail from his friend, Dave Best, inviting him to his wedding in Wales on July 6th. Barclay was excited about the news and wanted to make sure he’d be there. Unfortunately for him he was the only one there.

The 34-year-old teacher lives in Toronto, Canada. When he received the e-mail, he assumed that it was set for July 6, 2007, not July 6, 2008 as the bride and groom have intended. He booked a flight from Toronto to Cardiff for $1,015, Wales, got a hair cut, trimmed his beard, packed his clothes, and headed off to his 6,000 kilometer trip.

He landed in Wenvoe, a city near Cardiff early. He then called Best’s mother to ask about the details of the venue and such. That is when he learned the news. He blames his girlfriend for not pointing it out since she usually arranges his schedule, though he also deleted the e-mail long ago and couldn’t have checked to make sure of the year. The story is getting widespread coverage in Britain and much jeering from his friends. He hopes to mentioned in the wedding speech when the big day does arrive.

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