It’s pop quiz time, but don’t be nervous. This will be fun, I promise.

Here we go. Do you know who recently said the following quote: “The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate.”

Now, if you didn’t actually read about this it could be quite difficult to guess because it could be virtually any left-leaning person on the planet. I mean, take your pick. Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand, anyone from Sweden.

Or it could be anyone who has an interest in America withdrawing from its offensive fight against Islamic terrorism and going back to the old reactive mode of passively sitting by and waiting for each new terror strike. That would include all Islamic terrorists and, if we get right down to it, most inhabitants of the Islamic world who, if not outright supporters of terrorism, make endless excuses for those who commit it and would love to see America taken down a few notches.

Okay, either you know the answer or you don’t. Guessing is probably out of the question. So, without further ado, the answer is . . . drum roll, please . . . Fidel Castro!

That’s right. The seriously ailing, probably near-dead, gadfly communist dictator, whose squalid reign of oppression and poverty has lasted nearly fifty years and ten American presidencies.

And what Democratic candidate doesn’t cherish an endorsement from a diehard Marxist who provides universal healthcare for his citizens? Hey, remember Hillary-Care? Sure, it bombed, but make a few tweaks and . . . Voila! Castro-Care for everyone.

By the way, this quote from Castro appeared in a column he wrote on U.S. presidents. Would you care to guess who Castro’s favorite American president is? Here’s a clue (which is probably too easy and will instantly give it away): He’s every world-class dictator’s favorite American president patsy.

Bingo! Jimmy Carter. The president who never met a mass-murdering tinhorn dictator he couldn’t appease. Castro claims Carter is his favorite because he was never an accomplice to efforts to violently overthrow the Cuban government. More likely it had to do with Carter’s towering naiveté and his allowing of the entrance into the U.S. of over 100,000 Cuban emigrants during the famed Mariel boatlift of 1980, which gave Castro a golden opportunity to depopulate his jails and mental institutions and send them to Florida. Viva la Carter!

I’m going to stop short of saying that Castro’s endorsement of a Hillary-Obama ticket will be a shot in the arm for the Democrat Party’s chances in ’08. But isn’t it interesting how America’s enemies and detractors always prefer that Democrats be in power? Hmm . . . I wonder why that is . . . (scratching my head in perplexity).

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