The Mars Run by Chris Gerrib (cover)

The Mars Run by Chris Gerrib
$12.94 paperback
188 pages, ISBN: 1411699734

“The Mars Run” by Chris Gerrib is a fairly fast-paced space opera drama, mixed in with just enough personal history to get us caring about the protagonist, naive 18-year-old Janet Pilgrim, on her journey from the accidental death of her training buddy, Raj, at NASA, through kidnapping & pirates, on Mars and in Africa.

The scientific and space details ring true; and the characters, though often having short roles, are more than just caricatures.

Janet wins through, with just a little help from friends. Her role as sex toy may come off as overblown, complete with a metal collar and leash around her neck for half the book, but the book does reach a feel-good open ending with a definite possibility of further episodes, including whether she will undergo an abortion or choose to raise a child.

This is a fast, easy romp of a book.

Review by Jill Stockinger for GUD Magazine. See the first comment on the original post at GUD Magazine for how to win our review copy.

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