Eden Waters Press Home Anthology Edited by Anne Brudevold (cover)

Eden Waters Press Home Anthology, Edited by Anne Brudevold
Eden River Press, 2007
Paperback: 82 pages
ISBN: 9780615181301

Eden Waters Press Home Anthology featured names I recognized from the Boston small press scene and introduced me to more than a few talents whose work I’d not yet encountered. I enjoyed it immensely.

Home Anthology is a well-put-together volume of memoirs—essays and poems—revolving around a common theme: home. The writing is solid, down to earth, and emotive. It’s difficult to pick favorites from this slim yet copiously illustrated volume, but here are excerpts from a few of the selections:

When told, as children, to tie messages to the strings of balloons and let them fly, Iris Dunkle’s response, in “What Falls from the Sky” is

My brother and I already knew
No one would find our messages—
love is what lifts up and leaves.

Paul Hotovsky beautifully describes a dream of long division in “House Over the World”:

she’s sailing through a math test,
jumbles of numbers swelling and breaking
gently down all around her,
the stalwart rudder of her number 2 pencil
steering her steadfastly through

In “Bovina, 4 PM”, Holly Anderson compares a landscape to the written word with a fresh metaphor:

scribbled languages
on the billowing meadow

There’s a Braille of ridges and blue divots
while winds from the south erase whole passages

In “Here I Am Anyway”, Lo Galluccio takes the reader back and forth between New York City and Boston, through the ins and outs of her creative mind, her loves and losses and victories, to conclude

Maybe artists never have a real home. Maybe their home is in their creations anyway…. Tonight, I feel rooted in this place. Here I am in this place that most people would call my home…. Here I am anyway.

I tried to find a line or two to pull from Penny Harter’s haunting “Sometimes Late at Night” but the piece hangs together so tightly as a whole that I’ll leave it to the reader to discover it on his own.

Which pretty much sums up my recommendation. Get yourself a copy of Eden Waters Press Home Anthology.

[[review by Sue Miller for GUD Magazine]]

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