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As the U.S. sorts out detainees in the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention facility into those who will be tried as war criminals and those who will not, Most European nations are screaming that the process is taking too long . . . and about that they are absolutely right.

IMO, the U.S. had every right to capture the people who are detained at Guantanamo but there are very few (including the vast majority of Americans) who can understand why they have been ‘warehoused’ there for all these years without some form of due process. According to a Washington Post article today, part of the problem (a very small part) has been that those very same nations who are complaining the loudest are, behind the scenes, refusing to accept the detainees and are therefore hindering the U.S. efforts to release prisoners who are eligible for release. They have nowhere to go!

Nonetheless, complaints about the lack of due process and the complaints about well-publicized but isolated instances of prisoner abuse and even the hysteria about the possibility of torture (however wrong-headed it is) are all understandable concerns. What is not a valid complaint however, is the sentiment of one of one of the most vocal recent critics of Guantanamo, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett. The Washington Post article cited above explains Secretary Beckett’s primary concern in it’s opening paragraph:

“British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett last week issued the latest European demand to close down the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The existence of the prison is ‘unacceptable’ and fuels Islamic radicalism around the world, she said, echoing a recent chorus of complaints from Europe about U.S. counterterrorism policy.”

Secretary Beckett’s comments show that she is not capable of understanding or dealing with Islamic terrorism. While her feelings may be sincere they are neither insightful or substantive — one would expect better from Britain’s Foreign Secretary.

It’s hardly unexpected that radical Muslim terrorists are upset by the existence of a prison that is holding their brothers-in-arms; they get upset by far less than that. As for “fueling Islamic radicalism” that can be, and has been done, by merely saying, writing or drawing something critical of Islam — Islamic radicalism certainly doesn’t require much in the way of ‘fuel’ to get out of control; but that concern is certainly the least valid reason to call for the closing of Guantanamo.

Anyone who understands the situation realizes that even if every detainee was released from Guantanamo today (and was issued a new AK-47 and a new Koran on his way out the gate), radical Islamic terrorists would still be angry and still be anxious to slit the throat of everyone they consider to be an “infidel;” and that includes 90% of the world’s population — including peaceful Muslims.


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