Imagine working for a company that had a bad reputation long before you got there. You found it necessary to battle other people’s ideas about the place in order to even apply for the job. A FULL GENERATION of people had bad mouthed it and after you finally got the job you found some of the scuttlebutt to be true but the majority was simply falsehood.

Now imagine that your particular job the company gave you is to care for people, the majority of which, want to kill you, your family, friends and your way of life.

Would you say this:

“If a guy’s salad isn’t right, I’ll make a phone call to try and get him the correct salad …To hear that we mistreat them … frustrates you sometimes, because you go out of your way so much to make sure these guys are taken care of as far as medicine, any dental care they need, any nutrition.


“I don’t think people realize how hard we try to keep the detainees as safe and as well cared for as we do, because ‘fair, firm and impartial’ is exactly what we do here,”


Those words are from the Navy master-at-arms at Guantanamo. has the full article which debunks much of what the MSM continues to say about Gitmo…

Guantanamo, indeed all branches of the Armed Forces, have gotten a bad rap that started during the Vietnam era. Is it true that detainees at Guantanamo are beaten daily and living in cages? – “There’s the misperception that you see on television of Camp X-Ray, that’s the guys outside in orange jumpsuits,” Says Navy Rear Adm. Harry Harris Jr., commander of JTF-GTMO “Camp X-Ray was only open for four months in 2002, and then it was closed, and then we moved folks into Camp Delta.””
The pictures of Camp X-Ray, often used by the MSM, are ages old and the real Guantanamo that exists in truth is quite a bit different than the one presented by the MSM.

Navy Rear Adm. Harry Harris Jr. said misconceptions abound about the mission and conditions here. “There’s always the misconception that we’re somehow beating these detainees and doing heinous things to them, and that is simply not the case. We’ve had many outside, independent investigations (into allegations) of detainee abuse and misconduct, and there has not been a single instance – not one — of torture or inhumane treatment that has ever been substantiated.”

So the question presented is, “Should we belive the people guarding the murderous terrorists or the murderous terrorists and their shills in the MSM?” Not to mention the leftist bloggers that will post anything, true and/or false, against the U.S. Government as long as it beats up America’s current number one man, George W. Bush.
I’d vote for trusting the people guarding the terrorists. They do have much more honor than the terrorists or the MSM.
Guantanamo is more important than people know and the people being held there are not the cream of the crop of humanity. They are terrorists and could care less as to who’s children are hamed by bombs, poisons, or sharpened steel blades. They are being held because they will kill people if released.

During the 12-month period that ended in August, JTF-GTMO cataloged 3,232 incidents of detainee misconduct, including 432 assaults with bodily fluids, 227 physical assaults and 99 efforts to incite a disturbance or riot.

The people working at Gitmo need our support. Anytime you see an article or hear someone belittling the troops stationed there or claiming torture at Gitmo call the them on it. Our men in uniform deserve at least that much.

The article bySgt. Jim Greenhill, USA Special to American Forces Press Service can be found at both and at

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