The countdown to the series finale of the popular teen drama ‘The O.C’ is now on & with only five episodes left Goundhog Day in Newport is sure to get interesting.

Official synopsis: As the Cohens prepare for Kirsten’s 40th birthday party, Kirsten gets some news that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper is having a secret love affair that Kaitlin does all she can to stop. While Ryan acts like he doesn’t miss Taylor, Taylor visits a therapist, who gives her some rules to live by. After their plan to save Newport Chuck goes awry, Che finally discovers that Seth is not his soulmate and Sandy and Kirsten have surprises for each other.

‘The Groundhog Day’ airs on Thursday, Jan 25th in America and Tuesday, Feb 6th in Australia. So strap yourselves in these last few episodes are sure to be one hell of a ride.

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