Those who tend to shrug off the enormous contribution that the likes of Jack Layton give the Taliban cause, should pause to consider the following:

The goals of the Taliban and Jack Layton are the same, which are the removal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. Leftist pacifists like Layton aim to acheive their goal by using the deaths of Canadian soldiers to demoralize the Canadian public … the Taliban aim to do exactly the same.

The Taliban, more than the Western public, realize that “will” is everything in this conflict and that the target of fighting is not just the Afghan peasant or leader … it’s the Western public. Grind down the West’s will to win, and you become the victor.

Asia Times Online looks at this process in the context of how Taliban propoganda videos are now being aimed not at recruiting more human bombs, but at chipping away at Western will:

The video appears specifically to target Anglo-Saxon audiences, because the ceremony emulates an Anglo-Saxon graduation ceremony. The video displays groups of “students” dressed in white and seated on the ground, while they hear the new Taliban commander, Mansur Dadullah, deliver a fiery “commencement address”.

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