Vince Li is accused of stabbing and beheading Tim McLean, 22, who was a total stranger to him while he was sleeping in the seat next to him on a Greyhound bus going from Edmonton to Winnipeg on July 30. Li has been charged with second degree murder for the murder of McLean.

He stood up in court yesterday in Manitoba asking for it all to end. He stood there and quietly said, “Please kill me.” The court room was filled with reporters and the victim’s family.

Judge Michael Chartier ordered that Li is sent for a psychiatric assessment to determine if he is fit to stand trial. The judge wants to know if he can be held criminally responsible for his actions. So fat the man has refused to talk to a lawyer.

When he was arrested Li was carrying a plastic bag that contained a human nose, an ear, and a part of a mouth all believed to be Tim McLean’s. Officers witnessed him hacking at the corpse and eating pieces of his body. RCMP officers also reported hearing Li say, “I have to stay on the bus forever.”

It has been reported to the courts that at some time or another Li spent 4 days in a Canadian psychiatric facility but they haven’t found out where or when it was suppose to have happened.

Joyce Dalman, Crown lawyer, said that Li has not told anyone any explanation for what happened on the bus. “No explanation, no note, almost nothing verbal,” she said. “There is nothing to indicate it’s anything other than a random and unprovoked attack.” reports that new details have come out about how Vince Li spent the 24 hours before he killed McLean. They say he spent the night on a public bench. Later he supposedly sold his laptop computer to a teenager who found personal letters and photos on it as well as a note that expressed his feelings of guilt for leaving China and confusion about his life in Canada.

The teenager, Darren Beatty, 15, found more than 20 resumes. One was for a police service, one for McDonald’s, one for Wal-Mart. He also found dozens of photos including several of a black military plane they he thought was taken by an amateur in mid-air.

He found a letter in Mandarin, which was translated with Google’s translator that looked to be addressed to someone in China. The letter said he was happy to be free living under beautiful free skies but that he felt guilty for leaving China and that everything in Canada was not as he expected.

Li boarded the Greyhound Bus in Erickson, not in Brandon as was previously reported, around 6 pm. He sat down near the front of the bus. After he took a cigarette break when the bus stopped in Brandon, he moved to the back of the bus and sat next to McLean.

Greyhound spokeswoman, Abby Wambaugh says that Greyhound has scrapped an ad campaign that extolled the peaceful worry-free upside of bus travel. The punch line of the ass was, “There’s no reason you’ve never heard of bus rage.” She says the company feels that the ad which came out last year could be offensive and it is no longer appropriate. She said some of the ads are still up but Greyhound wants them all to be removed as quickly as possible.

Jan Barrett

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