Gresha Schuilling

Gresha Schuilling, Sri Lanka’s ‘Ambassador for Autism,’ has released her debut Christmas single, ‘Cold Cold Night’ in the United Kingdom.

Gresha was appointed an Ambassador for Autism in Sri Lanka by the Autism Awareness Campaign UK and Sri Lanka. She has pledged to raise awareness of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in Sri Lanka. There are 39,000 children with autism in Sri Lanka, many struggle without access to public services.

‘Cold Cold Night’ was written and composed by the UK based father and son duo, Nimal Mendis and Paul Marie Mendis. The song has been released through MediaEye Music in London. Songwriter Nimal Mendis has also been a firm supporter of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK and released his music for the ‘Autism Action’ film on YouTube. Thousands have watched the Autism Action film by the Autism Awareness Campaign UK.

Gresha Schuilling is Sri Lanka’s latest singing sensation, she is tipped for international stardom. She is recording her debut album in Colombo at this moment in time and hopes to release it in 2008.

‘Cold Cold Night’ is available for download at 49 pence at for further information please contact MediaEye Music at

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