Zimbabwe, a country where the life expectancy has plummeted, unemployment is 80% and where there is not enough money to pay electric bills so they are limiting electricity to four hours a day has won the chairmanship of the UN Committee for Sustainable development.

On Friday, Tom Casey, the U.S. State Department deputy spokesman, said: “We don’t think that Zimbabwe would be a particularly effective leader of this body.”

He said development in the southern African country has “been going in only one direction — and it’s backwards.” ….The object is to persuade developing nations to leapfrog past industrial countries dependent on fossil fuel. But with climate change on everyone’s agenda, Germany’s Gabriel said the conference might not produce an outcome document…

And, of course, Zimbabwe points out that they are at the forefront of decreasing their carbon impact on the world’s climate.

For example, they ration fossil fuel, and that one of these days they will get around to paying the millions owed to Mozambique for electricity. But non payment of bills, a couple million refugees in neighboring countries, and pressure from the UK and the European Union are not enough to make the African Union interfere with the internal policies of a government that is busy monitoring NGO’s so they don’t give food to villages that vote against Mugabe in the next election.

As for sutainable development,

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the UN, Boniface Chidyausiku, said his country was entitled to hold the chairmanship. “It’s our right. We’re members of the United Nations and we’re members of CSD, and the Africa group did make a decision and endorsed Zimbabwe,” he told the BBC’s Network Africa programme…He said the European countries should respect the decision of the African block.

“When they tell the African group to change, it’s an insult to our intelligence – that we Africans can’t think,” he said.

No, Mr. Chidyausiku. we know Africans can think. The problem is African politicians who are so corrupt they prefer to think by backing a crooked politician like Mugabe that when their time comes that Zim will protect their posterior against Africans who can think.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about the problems in Zimbabwe at Makaipa Blogspot.

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