By Honey Gillard

GREENPEACE have stated that they will continue pressuring Japan to stop the inhumane whaling operations, following their retreat from this year’s hunt.

Last Wednesday, Japan called their 6 ships, situated in the Southern Ocean, back into harbour. The retreat called following a disastrous fire aboard the Nisshin Maru, two weeks ago.

The fire resulted in the death of a 27-year old crew member and caused voluminous damage to the ship’s processing equipment.

According to the chief executive office of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Steve Shallhorn the decision will save approximately 500 whales.

Stallhorn stated, “As much as we applaud the decision, we don’t believe there was much choice in the matter. What remains to be seen is whether Japan will do the right thing and that is retire this decrepit old vessel and not replace it. Clearly that would be the favoured view of most countries and most peoples across the world.”

Stallhorn also reassured others that he will continue to pursue and pressure the Japanese Government not to replace the ship. He continues saying that Japan has definately made the right decision, to call their ships in and conclkude whaling for this season.

“It means that about 500 whales will be swimming free.”

All six ships are currently making their way back to Japan, but the Institute for Cetacean Research has announced that they will return to the icy southern oceans next Summer.

According to previous accounts, 935 minke whales were expected to be slaughtered during this year’s whaling raid.

Mr Turnball has continued to urge environmentalists, as well as whalers to act responsibly, upon the situation.

“All people at sea, whether they’re working with anti-whaling organisations or not, should act in a way that is safe and takes care to look after human life,” he said.

“Some of the actions that we’ve seen earlier, the Sea Shepherd in particular, crossed over that border and into unsafe conduct.”

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