Joschka Fischer, legendary rock-throwing peace activist of old (and boy do I mean old) and onetime “dazzling, currish Zero Wolf” of the German Greens who also did some part-time work as standup world statesman caricature comic (take your pick he was both – he was a minister for something once, and it wasn’t the Methodist kind, either) has written a book. Yup, a “relatively” big one, too. With words and everything.

In it he is said to reveal many revealing things. You know, like how the Greens are even more clueless today than they were when he had anything to say about it way back when during something called the “red-green” era (they always seemed more “yellow” to me) or how his old boss the Teflon Chancellor wasn’t wirklich (really) very good at being a boss, especially when it had anything to do with questions concerning character or integrity. And Fischer is of course a highly sought after expert in these two fields, as we all know. He has also revealed that he will not be returning to active politics again (we have it in writing!). And this despite the fact that he has long since traded in his politically correct greenish apartment in an appropriate Berlin Kiez for a villa in the even greener Grunewald.

How revealing. And how “relatively” boring. He should have published more jogging pictures. But they are yet to come for thank goodness this is just the first volume of his voluminous memoirs which have yet to be remembered, much less written. So please stay tuned and all that (not).

Zero Wolf is right, with an emphasis on the zero part.

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