Earth Hour - Saturday 31 March 2007, 7:30pm-8:30pmBy Honey Gillard  Sydney Morning Herald sets out to prove that green is the new black, highlighting quotes and opinions of several individuals across our vast land, concerning this coming ‘Earth Hour’ (31st of March people ;))and the much debated topic of global warming. Here are a few snippets thanks to the SMH and Earth hour:  

Tracy Spicer (Newsreader)-

“Governments have been dragging their feet, with the refusal of the US and Australia to sign the Kyoto agreement an act of environmental vandalism. UN scientists predict floods, famine, disease epidemics and farmland turning to desert. So, we all face exorbitant food and fuel prices, searingly hot and windy summers and an uncertain future for our children.”

Hannah Perkins (Intern,

“The more people get on board and support the campaign, the more it will have a significant effect on what our government is going to do about the issue.

“I will continue to ride my bike to work and the gym, conserve my water use and, when I buy a home, I will look for one that can incorporate a sustainable lifestyle. I’m sure that in future there will be far more radical things that I need to do as well.”

Mark Dynamix (Sydney DJ)

“Many environmental campaigns focus on broader issues and talk about statistics. I like Earth Hour because it has simple proactive steps that anyone can do with little effort. Collectively, the population of this country (and of others) can make a big difference.“Global warming is a big-picture issue. Redirection of effort, resources and budget by our world leaders will go a long way to constructively resolving the problem. The corporate and household commitment to Earth Hour by Australians will do much to educate our government and raise the profile of the environment on political agendas.”

Greg Mullins (NSW Fire Brigades Commissioner)

“Fire services throughout the world are already experiencing consequences of global warming – more frequent bushfires, floods, droughts, heat waves and cyclones impacting our economies, environment, human health and precious water resources. Scientists tell us there is worse to come. Going without lights on March 31 is a good way of acknowledging the affects of climate change and the imperative to take action now to rescue our planet.”

Got something to say? Want to help this beautiful world we live in, maintain it’s natural beauty… well get onto Earth Hour… Switch off to Switch on…

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