I have been previewing The Sundance Channel series Big Ideas For A Small Planet for two years. It is a great series, eco caring companies and individuals making a difference in our petroleum centric world. We spend so much time wrecking our planet, and for the most part we totally ignore the damage we inflict. The rain forests are mostly a thing of history, our arable land has been so decimated by chemicals that without the additives we would be growing less per acre than our forefathers.

One of the common arguments made about being ‘green’ is cost. Growing crops and growing animals does cost more, but how much more? Many interviews show that the cost difference is marginal. In fact when you factor in the idea of growing local and selling local the price is a wash. Most supermarket bought items have traveled at least 1500 miles before you put them in your plastic bags at the local supermarket.

I have walked by a store hundreds of times in the past 4 years, it always seemed to be closed. Today it was open. So I ventured in. I didn’t particularly want to buy anything, I just wanted to check the store out. Well lets face it, a fresh meat place that sells organic produce has to be worth a visit.

I wasn’t in the store 30 seconds before the gut behind the counter had me engaged in conversation. I tend to ignore people behind the counter, but this dude was good. He said the magic word ‘sustainability’. We chatted about the store, it is now open 5 days a week, and we talked about the products on sale.

All of the fresh meat comes from local sources, as do the jams and jellies. Who can resist such a thing?

I decided to try some Wild Boar pate, and some Wild Boar bacon.

The pate certainly did not have the delicate taste found in it’s Goose friends. But it did come in a delightful layer of aspic. A sure sign of homemade production.

The bacon is on hold, but it sure looks good. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be in the refrigerator for more than two days. I think Boar bacon is on the breakfast menu in the next coupls of the days

If you are in the Calgary area check out Second To None Meats.

Simon Barrett


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