Athanassios Arvanitis apparently is a man one doesn’t want to piss off. Neighbors say that Arvanitis and his girlfriend, 25 year old Adamantia Karkali, got into a heating argument when he got hold of her dog and cut its head off with a meat cleaver and then turned on her stabbing her and beheading her too.

The victim worked as a teacher at a local village. Arvanitis was a cook at a local restaurant on the island.

The 31 year old Greek man was spotted later walking around parading her head like a trophy around the tourist island of Santorini yesterday.

A policeman said, “The suspect was spotted walking around, carrying the victim’s head and telling the astonished villagers not to stop him. They knew he has psychological problems… but they didn’t expect he would reach this point.”

When police were called, they arrived at the scene and attempted to handcuff him. The suspect swung the knife at the officer and threw the girl’s head into the patrol car and took off. The officer was only slightly injured.

He crashed the car into a motorcycle carrying two female doctors who suffered multiple fractures. Police officers fired five shots at Arvanitis to stop him and one stray bullet struck an innocent bystander who was only injured slightly. Arvanitis was hit and then taken to an island hospital where he is undergoing surgery.

Jan Barrett

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