Music, we all have a favourite genre and possibly a favourite artist and a favourite song. Because we so easily find ourselves falling in love with one or a few artists in a certain genre, we sometimes feel that we understand and appreciate music better. However, that may not be the case. Music is a form of art and as a form of art, it needs you to appreciate it. Appreciating music is by no means easy and most of us do not know how to appreciate it. It is for this reason that this article share with you tips on how you can appreciate and listen to music better.

Respond aesthetically to all sounds

The first step when it comes to appreciating music is that you have to respond aesthetically to all sounds. This does not mean sounds from your favourite artist/s only but also refers to the chirping birds outside of your home, humming sounds of the refrigerator and those humming sounds coming out of the gaming machine when you enter an online casino or any other sound you might hear. Try to look for a pattern in these sounds and as you do. The more you do this, the ore you will start to understand the beauty of sounds, any sound.

Listen before you nudge

When responding to music, it’s not all about trying to find the meaning or the pattern of the song in one go. Our minds sometimes are designed in such a way that we want every song we hear to resonate with what we may have heard before, it if does not resonate with what we heard before, we tend to view it as meaningless or poor. However, it’s important that you give yourself time to listen to a song at least three times before you give a verdict of your own. By listening for a number of times, you ensure that you get what you may have missed earlier.

Try new sounds

Listening to your favourite genre, musician or songs religiously is okay but you should not overdo it. You cannot learn to appreciate other types or forms of music if you are not giving yourself the time to listen. Take time to listen to those genres you may have a negative view on. It does not matter if you listen to just one song a day, what matters is that you do listen to a new sound at least on each day.

On occasions, play the music loud

There are in general two types of people when it comes to music, those who are okay with playing their music loud and those who love playing their music at low volume. Regardless of the type of person you are when it comes to listening to music, it’s important that from time to time, you do take time to listen to music at high volume. Some forms of music are designed to be played at high volumes and if you continuously play it at low volume, you might not find the good that others are finding in that music.

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