In what was pretty much a lost weekend for dozens of exhausted participants who had flown in from all across the continent just to attend, EU leaders at a summit in Brussels were nearly unanimous in saying that they kind of approved of the near agreement they sort of reached about something like a draft treaty to somewhat reform the EU system sometime fairly soon maybe.

“I’m very satisfied,” said German Chancellor and current EU President Angela Merkel about the agreement. “I am very satisfied that that Kaczynski clown finally got inside his cheap-ass Polish plane and flew back home, I mean. As for that so-called agreement we reached, well, sure. I guess so, sort of. I mean, relatively speaking, hmmm, satisfied? Yeah, I suppose that’s a word you could use.”

Other European leaders were equally enthusiastic. The agreement sort of sees that a new voting system known as a “double majority” will most likely be phased in beginning in the year 2014, if everything goes well, that is (but it never does). Of course it won’t really be implemented for another three years after that because of a compromise with Poland or something, but that goes without saying. If the agreement ever does get ratified and introduced, however, a 55% majority of EU countries with at least 65% of the bloc’s population will be required for future changes to be approved, whatever that means.

Word is that Britain and the Netherlands also got what they wanted from the summit, but nobody can remember what it was anymore.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy put it best by saying: “There are no winners or losers (in this process),” and then thinking “Just failures, also-rans and downright turkeys.”

I came, I saw, I compromised.

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