I get a gazzillion offers for great stuff in my email. If I jumped into some of the offers I would be a billionaire several times over, and my personal measurements would embarrass an Elephant! Because of a love of my wife, small rented house, and a dwindling bank account, I tend to ignore these offers. Who needs riches when you can have fun.

Every day I get emails from ZDnet, I mostly ignore them. In fact why they seem to feel the need to send me stuff is quite beyond me. They are quite well known in the tech world, so I tend to just let em sit in the large pit that I call my inbox.(it is a grim place).

Today I was bored, I could not seem to get my Butt in gear, so I clicked on a ZDnet email.

So who are these people? This is a quote from Wikipedia (take that for what it is worth):

ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive, along with TechRepublic and SmartPlanet. The brand was founded on April 1, 1991 as a general interest technology portal from Ziff Davis and evolved into an enterprise IT-focused online publication owned by CNET Networks.

Sounds legit?

So I clicked on the latest (not spam) from this organization:


Personally I have little use for a projector. But..


Hey 80% off, I had to click. At 80% off even I could grow to love it! Clicking however was a less than satisfying adventure. I was presented with this page:


Umm, where is the 80% off projector?

OK, I understand the occasional issue with links. Some one fat figures it, and you get taken to a page that you are not looking for.

About the last thing in the world I need is a 3TB External Hard Drive:


But at the price it looked worth wasting a couple of minutes looking at. So I clicked! I’ll bet you can’t guess the page that I was taken to?


No sign of a 3TB hard Drive, just the same old crap about stuff I could care less about!

I find it odd that ZDNet want the industry to take them seriously when they pull this kind of stunt.

Simon Barrett

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