Grave Yard Attempted Rape Reported In Basse!!Grade Seven Student Narrowly Escapes rape


By Amadou Sowe, Basse


The Basse grave yard situated in the outskirt of Basse, is not only the home for stray dogs, but also a potential rape ground for idle men, according to some concerned residents in the area. A grade Seven student who left home to water her garden in school narrowly escaped rape, when heavily build man forcefully tried to rape the girl. The incident occurred within the vicinity of the Basse grave yard, according to eye witnesses who spoke to the Freedom Newspaper.

The man who was naked with his manhood spanking from one zone to the other, was reported to have chased the young girl who walked passed the grave yard area at the material time. The frightened looking girl immediately took on heels, but the man kept chasing her. The girl ran helter-skelter just to avoid being raped by a man whose manhood was wild and could be seen jumping. He was armed with a cutlass, as he chased the young girl, said the young girl.

The young girl name withheld reached home unharmed, but was mentally decapitated by the rough encounter she had with the man she met the at the grave yard.

The Basse grave yard is situated behind Mansajang and Manneh Kunda Wards. The young girl narrated her experiences to her parents upon making it at home. The girl says the man who wanted to rape her sounds like a foreigner. She informed her parents that the alleged rapist was a foreigner and not a Gambian. She was advised by her parents to avoid walking alone late at night. She was also advised to the use the main road each time she wants to go to the school.

Angry and concerned residents rushed to the scene, only to discover that the accused rapist has fled the area. He was no where to be seen. They returned home ragging. They regret why they could not lay their hands on the accused rapist.

Basse off late had seen numerous rape cases reported. Most of the rapists were said be young and grown up men. A student at George’s was arrested recently after he was accused of attempting to rape an American Citizen from the State of Ohio.

Women rights activists in the country have condemned the recent sexual violence directed at women- most importantly the girl child. They call such attacks as “uncalled for” and hate crime against women. The women rights activists want Government to help re-enforce Community based policing. This they say, would go a long way in protecting the lives of the local populace. They say violence against women should stopped without any further delays. They appealed to the Basse police to help arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.



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