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Following  their  grand style execution by the then military junta led by former Chairman Yahya Jammeh, doubts and uncertainty continues to grip bereaved families, regarding the whereabouts of the November 11 alleged coupists. The government of the Gambia has always  been trying to bury  the killings of these gallant officers under the carpet, with little or no vital information provided to their loved ones. Today, the Freedom Newspaper is publishing a graphic report about former AFPRC Council Members, who witnessed  the killings of  these soldiers, thanks to a loyal source close to the corridors of power in Banjul. Former GNA officers who witnessed the killings were also identified in this  damning report, which is no doubt bound to rattle Jammeh’s cage. According to our well trusted source, almost all the council members with the exception of President Yahya Jammeh witnessed the killing of Abdoulie Dot Faal, Basiru Barrow, LT.Saye, Lt.Buba Jammeh and others. Among the AFPRC Council Members in attendance at the mass execution ground includes Sana B Sabally, former Vice Chairman, Edward Singhatey, Former Defense Minister, Sadibou Hydara, former Interior Minister, Yankuba Touray,  former Tourism Minister and Lamin Kaba Badjo former Local Government Minister. While at the execution sites conducted in different locations, namely  Nymbai Forest, Yundum and Fajara Barracks , Sana Sabally was said to have been in  constant touch with President Jammeh. Prior to the murdering of these officers, our source hinted that the coup suspects were briefly detained at the Mile Two  Central prisons, where they were exposed to severe torture by their captives. Both Dot Faal and Basiru Barrow sustained serious degrees of injuries at the material time. The report went on to state that Sana Sabally who was wild and dangerous resorted to slapping one prison warden  SGT.Manneh. Sabally who could not justify the assault he effected against this  poor prison  Warden quickly ordered his men to escort Faal, Barrow and co to the execution centers mentioned above.

Prior to the killings of these soldiers, the  report continued, Captain Momodou Marong former commanding officer of the Yundum Barracks advised Sabally, Singhatey, Hydara and others not to go ahead with the planned execution of the said soldiers, but his repeated appeals went into deaf ears. Marong,  a former Gendarmerie officer with verse knowledge on local policing told Sabally and co that since there were laws put in place to try alleged coup plotters and its perpetrators, the best thing they could have done was to take the accused persons before the law and not to expose them to extra-judicial killings. Little did Captain Marong knew that he angered those at the seat of power,  by making such comments which were viewed by the then junta as treasonable. Marong’s troubles with the junta started following his call for  Sabally and co to allow the rule of law to take its cause.

According to the report, Marong’s opposition  to the killing of these officers never went down well with Sana Sabally and other Council Members, who resorted to terminate his service months later. Marong was jailed  without any charges proffered against him. His only crime was speaking out against the planned killings of Faal and others. There was  no evidence to link him with the coupists, but the state at the time was figuring out ways and means of indicting him. His arrest and subsequent detention was triggered by Sabally and co. Jammeh acted based  on the information he received from Sabally about Marong’s call to spear the lives of these soldiers.

Another Gambian army officer named in the said report was Colonel Lawrence Jarra. Jarra was at the execution ground, but could not stand the situation. He later called his boss Baboucarr Jatta, the former army commander. Jarra informed Jatta about moves taken by Sabally and co to execute the soldiers. Jatta’s reaction was kind of a shock and disbelief. He was opposed to extra-judicial killings. According to the report, Baboucarr Jatta warned Sana Sabally and co not to go ahead with the planned execution, while citing the inhumane nature of such a move. Jatta wants the accused lives be preserved since according to the report they were yet to be convicted by a competent court of law. As usual, Sabally known to be aggressive and arrogant insisted to go ahead with the planned execution.

The report also named former military police Lieutenant Kejaw Touray  as one of the officers in attendance at the execution sites. The report did not linked Touray who is currently in the UK  to the killings of these officers, but hinted that Kejaw  was indeed a living witness to the incident, which shocked some GNA officers. Kejaw who is a true Gambian soldier should give his side of the story for the sake of posterity.

According to the report, while Kejaw was standing, the executions were in progress. Lieutenant Buba Jammeh later handed his watch to one of the soldiers to give it to his wife. Minutes later LT.Jammeh was killed. Jammeh’s wife according to the report incidentally happens to be the sister of Alagi Martin,  alias “Lagos.” Jammeh’s  favorite hit man today. In our next report, we will publish the detailed report, which featured how Sabally and his boys tortured leading Gambian politician Omar Amadou Jallow, Yaya Ceesay and other PPP Ministers. Stay tuned….

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