Yes, we all remember back in 2008 when the coming of Barack Obama was hailed by some as the coming of the Messiah (I am not making a joke: see this Washington Post article), while a much better qualified Hillary Clinton was either ignored or put down as a loser by the pundits in the media long before the votes were counted.

Obama quickly became a “hip” item, and his adulation resembled the adoration of a rock star.

So, like a rock star, his campaign used talented graphic artists to design not only in the designs for his speaking platforms that emphasized his specialness (such as the Greek temple,  to use the headline of this Reuters article), but also in various campaign logos such as the “HOPE” poster and his campaign logo. Soon they became hot items on bumper stickers and teeshirts.

Yes, the O for Obama became the rising sun of Hope and Change.

This year’s campaign logo will echo that graphic:

By changing the zero in the 2012, we are again reminded of the sun rising theme.

In some ways, it is good that no one four years ago tried to put the logo into the number 2008: Imagine a poster with 2OO8,  one O looking like an eye with a hangover and the other one merely blank. Or maybe like a hooters girl with half a bustier on. No, it wouldn’t have worked in 2008.

However, in the 2012 logo, it is a good design.

In contrast, the Republicans running have plain old fashioned boring campaign logos, except for Romney, who added the “red white and blue” to the R in his name to resemble three people standing one behind another (symbolism of bringing people together) or maybe a waterfall. Pretty, but there is not a lot of emotional symbolism in either one.

But it only took minutes for pundits to notice that the logo resembled another logo:


This is sure to cause chuckles, because Romney does have a nice set of teeth.

So the real “subliminal” message of the Romney logo became: Vote Romney and you too can have cleaner whiter teeth!

But sometimes a logo backfires.
I belong to the overseas Democrat group, and was checking up to see when was the next meeting in Manila, and behold, I found they had a new logo for this election:

The new logo for the Democrats abroad.

Quick: what does this remind you of?

Yes, again we see the Messiah message injected subliminally into the Democratic logo.

But they goofed, because I suspect this is how Republicans will see the Logo this way:

Yes, the Red Star Rising.

Guess who is imposing communism/socialism on the USA.

Sigh. It’s going to be a long election in the US.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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