An Amber Alert for a 5 year old boy, Nathan O’Brien after his mother went to the grandparent’s home Monday morning to pick the boy up after he had an overnight stay with the grandparents, 66 year old Alvin Cecil Liknes and 53 year old Kathryn Faye Liknes. No one has seen the three since the boy’s mother dropped him off around 10 pm Sunday night at the grandparent’s home in Parkhill, in southwest Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Alvin Liknes

According to the police reports when the child’s mother arrived no one was home and she was alarmed. She called the police when she noticed after looking around that the house was not left in the way it normally is when someone leaves, telling the police that it appears that the grandparents apparently didn’t leave on their own accord. Police say that other things in the house lead them to believe this although they couldn’t give out any details explaining it further.

Naturally the family situation had to be checked out first but there was nothing out of the ordinary to make them believe the grandparents were voluntarily involved with their disappearance along with their grandson. Reports say there was no custody issues involved, the boy’s parents are married and are still together and the child is indeed the couple’s biological son. They have no history of police reports either so the family checked out clean.

An Amber Alert was not issued right away because the normal criteria had not been met because of no description of an abductor and none of a vehicle they may have left in. Once they realized that all the cars belonging to the family had been accounted for they decided they would issue the Amber Alert since they do have a clear description of the boy and his grandparents. Foul play is now being suspected in the case.

Alvin Liknes is described as being 6 ft. tall with a slim build. He has grayish/blond hair and he has what can be called a distinctive walk.

Kathryn Liknes is 5’3” tall and she weighs about 120 lbs. She has reddish/brown colored hair and she has green eyes.

Nathan O’Brien is only 5 years old and he stands about 3 ft tall. He has blond curly hair and brown eyes. Last seen he was wearing peach colored shorts and a striped blue hoodie.

As the police continue their investigation they have come up empty with any answers or suspects in this case. It is a complete mystery as to where the three of them are. None of the neighbors claim to have seen anything. Lead inspector Keith Cain says they have received a few tips from callers after the Amber Alert was issued but none was of any significance

“We don’t know where there people are,” said Cain. “We’re still very optimistic that they are alive and we’re doing everything we can to locate them.” They are turning to the public for help in locating them asking if anyone knows anything no matter how small it may be to please let them know. You can call the police at 403-266-1234 or call Crime Stoppers.

My thoughts and my prayers will be with this family hoping they will find their way back home with no harm done to either of them. My prayers are also with the rest of the family as they wait for news.

Jan Barrett

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