andrew-skelton-9-yrs-old.jpgA 39 year old man, John Skelton from Morenci Michigan apparently is suffering from some mental health issues. Before attempting to commit suicide he claims that he handed over his three sons, 9 yr old Andrew, 7 yr old Alexander and 5 yr old Tanner to a woman that he says he met online about two years ago. He told police that he had been having an online relationship with Joann Taylor who authorities think she may live in either Jackson or Hillsdale County. Skelton is now in the hospital being treated for his mental health issues.

Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks is asking the public for their help to locate the three boys who is considered to be in grave danger. Police aren’t even sure that this Joann Taylor even exists, but according to Skelton he asked Taylor to take the boys back to their mother, Tanya Skelton, because he didn’t want them in the house when he killed himself. The mother says the boys were never returned home to her.

alexander-skelton-7-yrs-old.jpgSkelton said the woman Joann Taylor was driving a silver van when she took the kids but she has not been located and neither have the boys.

Skelton’s mother, Roxann Skelton, appeared on Good Morning America to beg the woman if she really does exist to please return the boys. She asks that she just drop them off with the authorities or at a restaurant with a note to call for help.

“She needs to put herself in the mother’s position,” she said. “Then she would know the pain and hurt the family is going through.”

Skelton and his wife, Tanya have been separated and they share joint custody of the three boys. Unfortunately the police have not been able to confirm anything that Skelton has told them about where the children are but they are continuing to search.

tanner-skelton-5-yrs-old.jpgRoxann Taylor says she doesn’t care what the woman’s name is, it could be Mary Poppins and she wouldn’t care, all she wants back are her grandsons. “All I know is these children are with her,” she said. “Those boys are out there. Terrified. But they are out there.” She says she knows her son and she knows he would have never hurt his children so in her heart she knows they are still alive.

If you or anyone you know has seen these three little boys please contact the police or call the Morenci Police Department at 517-458-7104. I am sure where ever they are, they are scared and would like nothing more than to be home with their mother where they know they are safe. I pray if the story that John Skelton has told is true that this woman will find it in her heart to do the right thing with the boys by returning them to their mother.

Jan Barrett

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