When we last left our intrepid grandmom, she was trying to figure out how to watch her Asian Vcd’s on her computer.

(cue in dramatic music).

Well, actually, all I did was go back and recheck my post, and a nice young man named “ThisGuyDoug” told me how to do it.

All I needed to do is install gxine video player. And I didn’t need to do anything fancy, just go to the Applications tab, open the window, find the bottom of the window where it says “install” and install.

Of course, I had to do it twice: you have to hit the install box and install it, not just double click, but I did manage to install it. So now I can watch new movies like the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe or Diehard 4.0, bought at the Palenke (open air vendor market) for 80 cents, straight to you from Chinese pirates into small rural towns before the film hits Manila. Talk about efficiency. Of course, it’s illegal, and every once in awhile they raid the fake videos, but this is the Philippines…

One of the video players I downloaded doing this was M player movie player. And today, when I clicked on an RSS feed to get a podcast, voila it opened up in another window on the Firefox browser. But instead of the podcast being played with Quicktime, which is how I listened on Windows, it uses the M player plug in.

Hmm. I don’t remember doing that, but it’s nice to listen to podcasts real time instead of downloading them first.

So the next step is watching TV on line. Actually, I have no problem with google video or even You Tube. Indeed, I managed to download a “Hubble space” video from Google, and it plays fine.

But on my old desktop computer, I used Democracy player, which has links to all sorts of free stuff, so you don’t have to pull up the correct web page to watch, you just click on Democracy player and voila, they find it. Google, you tube, network news.

But I haven’t used it in the Philippines since our internet is touchy. But last week I got an email saying: We have a new version.

So I checked, and they do. It’s calle Miro now. Weird name, probably after the painter?

And voila, they have a Linux version: actually several versions, including one for Ubuntu.

But like a lot of Ubuntu stuff, you can’t just click, download and put it on your computer. It’s fancy.

Not to worry. They have a nice page complete with photos HERE. First you have to go to “system” and Administrator and enter a box (see photos) and if you follow the photos, you should be able to get it done after one or two tries. It only took me two tries. I have “feisty fawn” not dapper, so make sure you get the version right.

Then it says: Install like any application.

Huh? Where is it?

I went to applications, opened the box, and hit “add/remove” and….it must be around here somewhere.

After a few tries, I noticed at the right top of the “add/remove” box there is a small box that says “supported ubuntu applications”. And it wasn’t there.

But if you click the box, you can change it to “all available applications” and then write “miro” into the box to find where it is, and voila, up pops…Democracy player.

Oh well. Same thing.

So you just click the box next to it, and then hit “OK” and it starts installing.

And then you’re ready…oh wait. Where is it?

They forgot to tell you to turn your computer off and on. (“reboot”) so the computer can update itself. Once I did this, yup there it is, under “sound and video”: MIRO.

When it searched for “videos” in my own computer library I found a bunch. Huh? I only know of one, a Google video on the Hubble that I downloaded as a test. But when I checked out what they listed as my library, but most were .ogg files.

I get medical lecctures on a CD every month, and sometimes I add them to my computer to put onto my mp3 player instead of just listening to the disk.  But they didn’t “rip” as mp3 but as ogg files. So Miro will play my google movie about the hubble, and a lot of my ogg music files.

But the real reason I downloaded Miro was to watch the news. And you can get NBC nightly news downloads automatically on Miro.

So no I can now froth at the mouth watching Bryan Williams reporting the latest trivia of the day as if the world was going to end.  I am no longer limited to throwing shoes at Anderson Cooper (CNN) or the BBC newsreader. Today’s top story:(Boom boom boom TA DAH)  the constitutional crisis caused by like Bush’s colonoscopy…

Sigh. I wonder how the 24 hour networks would have handled EIsenhower’s stroke? If that happened today, everyone would have a hissy fit on TV.

Oh well, the good news is that I can always check out the really important news.

Today’s Onion News report is: Are we falling behind the world on the whale aptitude test? And yes, you can also watch Jon Stewart’s the Daily show via You tube.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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