Iso, DAA and duh…

When last we left our intrepid grandmother, she was watching NBC nightly news via MIRO (aka democracy player).

So what is next?

Well, one reason that I was able to load Ubuntu when my hard drive destroyed windows was that I had finally learned to burn an ISO disk, and had previously downloaded and burned an Ubuntu Iso.

(an iso is a computer picture of what you have on a disk. You burn it and voila, the entire disk is there with all the programs in order. I don’t know the technical part, but I imagine it as a negative, which when you burn a photo it turns into a positive photo).

But how do you burn isos and other similar programs with Linux/Ubuntu?

You see, I had a problem.

I had downloaded a History channel program using a p2p (peer to peer…it means someone let me download it from their computer) program called Azureus. We have cable TV get Discovery Asia and NatGeoAsia, but not Animal planet or the History channel. But some of their more popular programs can be found on torrent sites, and so I down load them.

So one finished downloading and…uh oh. It’s a DAA program.

What’s a Daa program? to the rescue:

.daa files are movies stored in a special format for downloading. The .daaPower ISO to view the .daa file format.

Download Power ISO software here.

Well, great. But PowerIso is a Windows program. Which is why this forum said: well, just convert and burn it on your windows computer.

But can I burn DAA or ISO with my Ubuntu?

I mean, I haven’t even tried to burn my free mp3 downloads to a cd yet.

Well, google Ubuntu DAA…and voila.

How to burn stuff with Linux. But will it work with ubuntu version? Let’s try. I followed a bunch of instructions here that didn’t work.

So let’s go to the website of theAcetone Iso Burner.
Yup. they claim they work with Iso and daa.

But the conversation says the program has bugs in it. Sigh. The first try didn’t work….maybe it’s the wrong version.
There is another download for Kubuntu/debian. click on that. (you have to look hard for it)

Ah, that actually worked, and opened in the “package installer” box. Nineteen files…with the internet going on and off. Oh well…installing…
well, one item won’t install…but I found if I go to Acetone and hit the third box at the top, it says convert to iso, and voila, it converted my daa to iso.

So now I have an Iso. But how do I burn an Iso?

Well, I downloaded a program called gnome baker and voila, it burns the iso on a cd. Gnomebaker is under Automatrix program that I wrote about in a previous program, and so it downloaded easily. Later I read it’s not the best program, but it does work, so whatever.

Go to toolbar: applications. Open. You’ll see a “sound and video” box. Hit that and look for CD/DVD writer gnome baker. That’s the one.
When it’s open, look up top, you’ll see “tools”…open that, and at the bottom of the window that pops up you’ll see “burn cd image” and “burn dvd image” and the little disk next to them has an “iso” written on them just to let you know it’s the program you need to use. Find your iso, and then burn.

But what about films? Will it convert avi to a disk that my dvd player will read? When I had Windows, I had a roxio program to do this, so I was curious if I could find a similar program for ubuntu.

My granddaughter loves cartoons, and we often buy them at the palanke (local outdoor market) for 40 pesos (chinese pirates usually) or download it from Limewire, or we can wait til we travel to Manila and try to buy it at the mall for 5 dollars. In the US, I could pay for a download from Amazon, but Amazon won’t let an overseas IP address download, probably because they are afraid of pirates (well, duh).

So her father downloaded a cartoon, which was avi film from limewire, and then wondered why their dvd/vcd player wouldn’t play it, and then asked me about it.

He knows less about computers than I do.

So I copied the avi film to my computer, and went thru the on line discussions that mention a lot of different programs trying to burn it.

For example, there is a program called avidemux, which converted my avi to a mp2 or something… then all I had to do is burn it using K3b which is a burning program but the resulting program was too large for a CD and when I tried to burn it to a DVD, it told me it wouldn’t work in my dvd player.

Confused? Well, I was.

So back to the internet.

The next step was a MEGO (My eyes glaze over) site with lots of downloads and complicated stuff. LINK
They recommended Tovid…but said before I downloaded it, I needed “Dependencies”…aggh.

But as I read down furthur, it said I had a program on my computer to download them: go to System, (third button on toolbar) hit the “administrator” button, and up pops a list including Syanptic Package manager. Search for the names and install.

Well, I did install a few of the dependency packages (I already had some of them on my computer) but then I got mixed up. Are all these on synaptic, or do I have to go searching for each and every one?

So back to the instructions. HERE.

Grab the latest .deb package for tovid (tovid is architecture independent, so no special packages for AMD 64 or PowerPC machines needed ). The latest package (ver 0.30.2) automatically installs all dependencies for you.

Save it somewhere convenient (e.g. if your user name is nick, save it to /home/nick/tovid/ )

If you’re using Ubuntu dapper 6.06 or above, just double click the package to install it. (If you’re using Kubuntu, then right click on the package in konqueror and select ‘Kubuntu Package Menu’ then click ‘Install Package’. Provide user password when necessary.

You mean I don’t have to look up all those dependencies? Thank God. THIS PAGE has a list of downloads for Tovid . I just used the one at the bottom, and asked firefox to download and save it. (you right click your mouse to do this).

So I downloaded it to my desktop, and when I went to the download box to open it, something opened it and installed it automatically…Go to applications, go to sound and video, and there it is: tovid gui. (where do they get these names?)Chose if you want DVD or VCD…in my case, it’s a bit too large for VCD so I chose dvd, and the East Asian TV format.

Go down to the bottom, press the button to “add menu” and up pops some stuff on the right. This is for the fancy first page, so I just put in the name cartoon and left the rest alone.

Then back to the bottom left: press “add video” and up pops a menu for you to find where you placed your movie. Add movie.

Then press button 2, encode. Takes forever, of course. Then when it’s done, press button 3 burn. When you get to part three, it won’t burn until you press the start button at the bottom…I didn’t notice it at first.

So when all this was done (about 2 hours) I had a video. Pop it into my dvd player, and up pops a menu with the name on it. Hit play, and voila, a cartoon for my granddaughter.
If you like instructions on how to burn, here they are. Nice pictures.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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