This morning there was a hearing held by the Florida grand jury to find out if prosecutors had enough evidence to charge Casey Anthony with murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

The public wasn’t allowed inside the courtroom but WESH 2 News reported details as they became known of the events as they unfolded. When Casey’s father, George Anthony came out of the courtroom reporter Bob Kealing from WESH2 News said George appeared somber as he stood by the elevator door waiting to go downstairs. He was holding a folder with Caylee’s picture on the front of it. His attorney Mark NeJame said, “Mr. Anthony answered all the questions he was asked. Beyond that we’re really not allowed to comment.”

George Anthony was subpoenaed to testify about the odor of human decomposition coming from Casey’s car. “This is going to be very hard for me to do,” he told reporters outside the Orange County Courthouse before he entered. “My focus is on my granddaughter, it always has been. Just pray for her. That’s all I am asking.”

A spokesperson for George Anthony told the reporters that George was doing the unthinkable by testifying in the possible homicide case against his daughter and asked that the press be respectful of his privacy.

State Attorney Lawson Lamar didn’t talk to the press right after the presentation of the true bill to Judge Belvin Perry. The defendant was not in custody so the judge sealed the indictment. Lamar said it was a capital crime, one punishable by death. We won’t know more for a bit. Casey will be arrested and taken into custody and held without bond as agreed by the judge.

Perhaps this can truly be the beginning of justice for little Caylee Anthony finally. I watched the video of the statement at the press conference Jose Baez had with Casey standing next to him. For the first time since the original arrest and was denied a lower bond she shed some tears. She only cried that time because she was going to have to stay in jail. She wasn’t shedding any tears for her missing daughter. This time I am sure she was having tears coming down out of fear of what was going to be the outcome of today’s hearing.

MyFoxOrlando is reporting that shortly before the announcement Casey Anthony was handed off to an unknown person or persons. While returning home from her attorney’s office with her mother Cindy Anthony, Anthony stopped the vehicle under a bridge near Boggy Creek road in south Orange County near an SUV. Casey got into the SUV and was taken away to an unknown place.

Lawson Lamar said, “The spring term of the Orange County Grand Jury has listened to evidence today and has heard evidence from scientific sources including the FBI laboratory, the Oak Ridge laboratory, an FBI agent and quite a bit of work done by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”

“They have considered the evidence; they have deliberated and have returned an indictment. In this indictment the named defendant is not in custody and for that reason, this needs to be sealed if your honor will so order until such time as this person is reduced to custody. Count one is a capital count and that being the case and the Sate averring that the evidence is compelling, we would ask the Court to set bond at no bond on count one an issue a capeas.”

Maybe, just maybe this could be the beginning of the end of this nightmare that has captured so many people’s hearts. God Bless you Caylee. We love you.

Jan Barrett

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