A gruesome discovery was made today in a Graham, Washington landfill.  The body of a newborn boy.  His young  mother who is only 16 years old stands guilty of murdering the child by holding his face in the toilet and drowning him.  She then put him in a plastic bag and tossed him out with the trash.  It is uncertain wether they will seek first or second degree murder charge.

  The report says that  she had so little support or anyone to tell her she had another choice,  The child was born to his mother on Tuesday morning.  She drowned her child then put him in a bag and placed him in a garbage can.  I know that it is hard to be a parent, however I don’t have any experience at being a teen parent.  I don’t know if its harder or more complicated at a younger age.  It goes beyond my grasp on reality how or why a person would do that to a young defenseless newborn child.  It also says in the report that there was evidence of drug smuggling contraband in the house.  Her father has a long history of crime dating back to 1985.   It tears at my heart to think that some parents see no other way out but to take the life of there own child.
 Her father Ronald Last, saw the baby in the garbage can and just left it there.  Its amazing to me the lack of concern or care that people have today for children.  He saw that child dead in the garbage his own grandchild and did nothing.  Turned a blind eye to the crime.  He now sits in Pierce County Jail on a  $10,000 bond.  The mother of the child who’s name is being with held due to her age delivered the baby  at around 3:00 am in the house she shared with her father.  It is said that the father of the child is a older man in his 30’s a friend of the young girls mother. 

The girl had moved to Washington from Colorado.  The only way the investigators found out about this horrible crime is that a woman came to the police department and stated she had seen a baby in a trash can behind the girls house.  When investigators arrived the garbage can was empty.   They later found the child’s body at 2:30pm from the trash can that had first been emptied.  The child was amongst 60 tons of garbage in the landfill.

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