WR Grace, the company that has been at the centre of controversy for years over asbestos contamination in the town of Libby Montana, and which recently enjoyed success after being found not guilty following a high profile trial over the issue, has said that it will be donating money to a Libby hospital.

Officials from WR Grace have said that the company will be donating two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the only hospital in Libby, which is St John’s Lutheran Hospital. The money is being donated to help with the cost of medical care for Libby’s asbestos victims.

The CEO of the hospital expressed his gratitude to WR Grace for the donation that was made, and many are pleased that the company, despite being found not guilty, will still contribute towards the cost of care for Libby’s asbestos victims.

However, there are also those that have said that if it wasn’t for WR Grace then there would not be this level of asbestos diseases in Libby anyway, with some seeing the donation as a sign of guilt.

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