Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle has once again hit a home run with her latest work, Grace Café!
Her latest book is a great testimony to the vocational call of motherhood that manifests itself in a sublime sacramental and pragmatic manner in our Catholic Church. The examples of feminine individuality and determination that Donna presents in such illustrious characters as Teresa of Calcutta, Theresa of the Little Flower, The Virgin Mother, Saint Mary Madeline and so forth are stirring examples of the critical importance women play in the daily sanctification and evangelization of the Catholic faith.

The most incredible points are when you take graced spiritual moments and apply them to the 21st century pursuit of holiness…such as a “domestic prayer chapel” and the raising up of domestic activities as part of the overall developing plan of God’s creation are moments that deserve great prayer and pondering by all faithful people.
Grace Café is an exceptionally fine example of putting Catholic theological concepts into practical everyday illustrations of our Catholic worship. What I find especially uplifting is the central focus Donna places on the maternal role of leadership in prayer and faith that is often times forgotten in our harried and secularized lives. The proper formation and education of the Catholic faith rightly belongs to Catholic parents, especially roots of faith catechesis and evangelization focused in the Catholic home and hearth.

However, the inclusion of Fulton Sheen in the last chapter truly shows how important the planting of the Gospel message in the fertile ground of Catholic family life is so critically important for the future of the growing and living Church. The mentioning of the 50’s iconic Archbishop Sheen strongly places an emphasis for all parents to consider catechesis through the familiar teachings of our own foundations of Catholic Theology. The message of Archbishop Sheen was simply a magnificent tool of Catholic faith exegesis through the simple grace filled moments of everyday living. Donna Marie’s Grace Café clearly reminds all of us, that our faith is indeed nurtured by all of the special moments we all share as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and grandchildren as we live our faith in a daily unfolding of God’s grace and sanctification.

Donna’s stories and personal reflections are indicative of our common religious upbringing, such as recalling your grandmother’s apartment, and saying the family rosary are magnificent signs and anchors of the transmission of faith that truly is nourished and enhanced by the everyday domestic trials and tribulations of Catholic motherhood.
Most significantly the maternal obligation and responsibility incumbent on all Catholic mothers illustrates the magnificent nurturing nature that is Catholic motherhood and the development of Catholic spiritual coherence. Grace Café clearly heralds the great ministry of Mary, the Mother of Jesus as she set the model and example for all future Catholic theological maternal relationships.

Grace Café is a great book, which uniquely strikes a resonant chord in my Catholic foundational background. It will do the same for your spiritual development.

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