I just came across an article talking about a GPS tracking device that is available that could make things a lot easier to keep track of your child when they leave your sight. The device can be put in the child’s backpack or their lunchbox or even in their pockets. The device is a computerized mapping system that allows parents to check on their children’s whereabouts in real time via a computer or smartphone.

The question here is that some think that the Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker is another excuse for some over protective parents to stalk their children.

I think in this day and time one can’t be protective enough with the way the laws are and with the number of children missing in our country not to mention the world. According to the orlandosentinel.com Florida alone had 62,000 missing person reports in 2007. And they say as of July, the state had 51,560 registered sex offenders. And if that isn’t scary enough they state that Florida isn’t the highest in numbers. They rank third in the nation with California and Texas ahead of them for reported missing persons (which are mostly children), registered sex offenders and the number of “stereotypical kidnappings” the most serious kind of stranger abductions.

After reading more on these statistics I am seriously considering buying three of these devices for my three grandsons. My thoughts are that I would rather be safe than sorry. You can get one of these devices from Best Buy (who owns the Insignia brand) and follow the directions on how to get it activated and you are on your way.

I know some kids will be offended by being tracked but if you sit them down and read all the stories about other kids like Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings,  Somer Thompson, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross and so many others, to them maybe they would understand you are not trying to invade their privacy, you are only doing it to protect them, to keep what happened to these other children from happening to them. We always think that only happens to other people. We never think it will happen to us. Ask any of the family members of these children, I bet they all thought this at one time themselves. I also bet that if they had a way to turn back the clock they would have been interested in something like this device if it could have eventually saved their child’s life.

I see this as a possible step forward or at least an attempt to protect our children more. Until the laws are changed to stop protecting the guilty and start protecting the innocent we have to try  everything we can to keep the future of our world safe which are our precious children. If we can’t keep them safe who will?

I pray for these children every day and every night. I pray that the ones out there still lost come home safe soon and those that have been taken from this earth get the justice that they so rightly deserve so they may rest in peace. God gave us the gift of these children to love them not to hurt them. They need to be cherished. Remember they are the innocent ones here. God bless them all!

Jan Barrett

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Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.



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