In the wake of Governor Sarah Palin’s cheerful insistence the legislative report into the trooper gate probe cleared her of any wrongdoing. I join those who share concern the pressures of the campaign may be taking a negative toll on her mental health. Its an issue that obligates me to set aside partisan perspective and reach out with compassion to someone who is in obvious distress. After all when you come upon a person who is drowning, who amongst us stops to ask party affiliation before diving in to help.

Like every other blog pundit, I was waiting with baited breath to pounce when Sarah attempted to spin the damming legislative findings in the best possible light, but to my utter astonishment the poor woman stated she was delighted to learn the report cleared her. We would anticipate an individual in otherwise good mental health to express anger and perhaps outrage at being unfairly smeared by what she perceived as the findings of partisan political witch hunt.

But as any mental health expert would probably tell you, if a person in high public office is confronted with bi-partisan finding she abused the power of her office and violated public trust, and responds by happily reporting her thankfulness at being cleared. Its a strong indication of possible dissociative denial and time to set politics aside for a moment and see if we cant get Sarah some help. That she gave birth within the last year might suggest it’s related to postpartum depression, despite the ludicrous claims of scientologists. Modern mental heath professionals do wonders in helping those afflicted with a mental disorder to lead positive and fulfilling lives.

Of course we cant know till after an appropriate examination is conducted, whether it’s simply short term problems related to the chemical imbalances of postpartum depression or a more permanent condition like bi-polar disorder. But the good news folks is irregardless of what ever seems to be pushing our Sarah off the mental health reservation, help is available.

Of course the first step in finding out how we can help Governor Palin is discovering what’s wrong, a clinical evaluation would take only a few days and depending on the diagnosis, treatment could begin at once. And thankfully we no longer need to treat the majority of those afflicted with short or long term mental illness in a hospital setting.

Unless Sarah is suffering from a behavior disorder that can express itself in violent outbursts, I am confident mental health experts would agree she would be fit to resume her duties as Governor in a relatively short period and if she were to be elected vice president she would have access to the best mental health experts in the country 24/7.

As we explore the subject of Governor Palins mental health problems, In retrospect perhaps we can see that some of her other statements on the stump reflect a person who’s mental clarity seems clouded. Though generations ago mental illness like a Physical disability was something which could be an impediment to holding public office. Times have changed for the better.  While F.D.R went to great lengths to hide his disability from the public and Senator Tom Eagleton was forced to with draw as George McGovern’s vice presidential running mate when it was revealed he had undergone treatment for depression.

 Happily we have moved past that type of thinking, If a candidate for President or vice President is ill, be it in mind or body, our instinct is to put aside political rhetoric and offer help and support. I simply couldn’t imagine any thing but an out pouring of understanding and prayer when Governor Palin acknowledges she is suffering and a swelling of public sentiment that becomes an encouragement to seek out appropriate treatment.  

That’s my view, yours may be different  

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